Unhappy Acer customer

  andyhuz 13:00 19 Mar 2004

Hello all,
I have an Acer 803LMi laptop which has just returned from Acer after being repaired. The fault required that a new motherboard and keyboard were fitted. After receiving my laptop back I obviously checked it to make sure that it was working properly. During these checks I noticed that I only had 256MB of RAM installed whereas before I sent it away it had 512MB ! As you can imagine I was somewhat surprised and dismayed at this. I`m sure you will tell me to contact Acer and advise them of this fact.
Now here`s the problem. My laptop took FIVE weeks to be returned to me after this repair. Every time I attempted to contact Acer on the phone to ascertain why it was taking so long took at least half an hour to get through to speak to anyone. I sent six e mails to them and received only ONE reply after TWELVE days waiting.
So, you can understand that I am very reluctant to even attempt to contact Acer to enquire what they have done with my 256MB of memory. Obviously I want my memory back but how can I go about getting it without risking losing my laptop for another FIVE weeks ? I am now starting a business that requires that I use my laptop so I can`t let them have it to disappear into the Acer black-hole.
Is it really too much to ask for quick efficient service with easy contact between customer and company. Does anyone think I should ask for compensation of some kind ? Who can I complain to ?

  Aspman 13:44 19 Mar 2004

Is it the same laptop?

Have they sent you out another refurbished laptop rather than actually repairing yours?

  andyhuz 13:55 19 Mar 2004

No, same one. I forgot to mention that on turning it on for the first time it automatically ran check disk and found errors. Surely this would have been done at the factory ? Doesn`t inspire confidence does it ?

  andyhuz 21:08 19 Mar 2004


  Kilobyte 22:40 19 Mar 2004

It's quite unsatisfactory that acer should take five weeks to carry out a laptop repair. But about the 256 MB ram, is it physically not in the machine or is it not being recognised? If the former, then i would suggest writing by ordinary mail to the chief executive at their headquarters and explain the situation. Hope this helps..

  andyhuz 23:01 19 Mar 2004

I`m only going on what windows reports to me as I haven`t checked for physical evidence but A.F.A.I.K. it isn`t there. I guess I will have to resort to the snail mail if I want to resolve this issue, but why do things have to be so difficult to resolve. Isn`t e mail meant to make our lives easier?

  Kilobyte 23:27 19 Mar 2004

I'm not sure why acer would take a memory module out but if it isn't there i would definately complain to them about it, you could try and send an email first to see if it gets a response, but if not, a snail mail letter hopefully will get more attention. Just out of interest, what was the fault with your laptop?

  Forum Editor 00:16 20 Mar 2004

have to remove the installed RAM if they were to fit a new motherboard, and on the face of it I would guess that this is a straightforward case of someone making a mistake and forgetting to replace all the RAM.

For this to be the case the original RAM would need to have consisted of 2x 256MB modules, and perhaps you would know if that was the case?

I can't imagine that anyone at Acer would be remotely interested in cheating you out of a RAM module, and I suggest that you write to them as soon as possible (send the letter by special delivery) explaining that you're assuming an error has occurred, and that you don't fancy waiting another five weeks whilst your computer makes thew round trip for the second time. If you are so inclined you might suggest that they send the extra RAM module by post - it's extremely simple to fit on most laptops.

  spuds 10:54 20 Mar 2004

Considering that you have just received your laptop back after a five week wait for a repair, I would suggest that you write to Acer as per previous special delivery suggestion, requesting what they consider is the next move. If they suggest that they will send you any extra ram or perhaps your original 'lost' ram,then I would make sure that they [Acer] will except and authorise that you fit the ram. Nothing like having a void warranty, if things go pear shaped in the future!.

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