Understanding laptop terminology to understand what to buy

  angknollenberg 20:17 23 Oct 2013

Hi, I am so lost when it comes to tech talk about computers and am wondering if someone can help me. I currently own a Sony Vaio VGN-NS24OE with an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU [email protected] gHz with Memory (RAM)3.00 GB and a 32-bit OS. It runs Windows Vista Home Premium. I love my laptop and am looking to buy a second laptop that is very similar, although I would like it to be a little bit faster.
My confusion lies in understanding which computers are similar or even faster than what I have currently. I understand the Core 2 Duo aspect, I believe it just means it basically has 2 microprocessors and can multi-task without getting bogged down. However, I do not understand the T6400 part or the gHz aspect. Could someone please explain these two things to me, please? Also, I wouldn't mind advice on which laptops would work best for me. I am mostly just wanting something to run Microsoft Office and browse the web. I am not a gamer so I do not need that capability, and would like something low in price. Thank you.

  iscanut 21:33 24 Oct 2013

Let us know what your budget is please ?

  iscanut 21:37 24 Oct 2013

Its a bit technical, but have a look at this

click here will see that the processor is nearly 5 years old, and in computer terms that is OLD ! It is also slow compared to modern processors as you will see from the chart.


  nickf 17:42 26 Oct 2013

You might consider one of the newer windows 8.1 tablets . Most ten inch models will happily and speedily browse the interweb thingy and come with a ful 2013 office suute .

  rdave13 21:26 26 Oct 2013

How about a refurbished laptop. I've bought three from PC World. One is still going after 5 years use, one was destroyed by my granddaughter, and the other is still going. You get the usual 1 year guarantee. I've picked this one for its screen size. CPU and Ram OK, graphics OK, hard drive only 500 GB but you can use USB drives for further storage. Says battery goes to 6 hours so in the real world I'd hope for 4 tops. It also has a USB 3.0 port if you decide on extra USB 3 HDD. Worth looking at anyway.

Good hunting :)

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