Unbelieveably bad service from Dell

  JohnnyAlucarD 18:58 25 Sep 2003

I cannot believe what has happened to me today. Just 2 days ago I was happily opening my brand spanking new Dell Dimension system...then the problems began (see thread "2 day old Dimension 8300 why is it so slow?") So this morning, first thing I am back on the phone to technical support, and proceeded to spend the next EIGHT HOURS with this help guy. In that time I have done countless reboots, run diagnostics, spent almost 3 hours watching windows XP recovery disk attempt to "repair installation" - repeatedly, during which time I diacussed (among other things the ages of my children and the weather) had 5 call backs, even had to open the case "as far as you can"????!!! At which point my wife wandered in - "what the h**l are you doing?" she asked me. "I don't know, and neither does he" Finally at 5pm, with my dinner cold in the kitchen I ask why I can't use my next day onsite business warrenty and call in an engineer? "Can't." " Why?" "Because it might be software rather than hardware and we can't cover that" WHAT? "Let's try one more thing" he tells me (actually it was more like four and none of them were working) he says "just try this then" "What...now I wearily groaned, I'm a graphic artist, not a computer technician...I paid you guys £2000 for a computer, ALL i want is for it to you know...work." "Erm, well, erm, we could" (pause) "What?" I ask - all hope of my dinner as dead as the chances of getting this PC to work..."well...we could defrag the hard drive, and if that doesn't work, I'll get an engineer" After I had politely (and I mean that!) exploded I explained there was as much chance of me sitting there and defragging the HD now as Wolves winning the premiership he said the words I had waited 8 hours to hear..."I'll call out an engineer. Oh, sorry though, he can't be there until next Monday." "What? But what about my warrenty?" "Well we took so long here, they've closed now and are all booked up" Supervisor time. One argument later, about who's fault it was that the software (Windows XP wasn't working properly) I said, "Look, you sent out the software, you set up the software. If it's not working you should sort it out, you supplied it, it's not my problem, it's yours" Obviously I was wrong - she hung up on me.

Can you believe that? I cannot get over it! She really hung up on me! After all that. Look anyone have any ideas....HELP

09-25-2003 12:50 PM

  Kilobyte 19:33 28 Sep 2003

That's bad. So why don't you reject it under the 7 day distance selling regulations?

  Forum Editor 19:39 28 Sep 2003

1. You can phone Dell and rant at them.

2. You can phone Dell and speak to them firmly and politely, and tell them that you wish to reject the computer as not being fit for its purpose. The you could follow up the call with a letter, again being firm but polite.

I know which one of those I would be doing first thing on Monday morning.

  woody 00:24 30 Sep 2003

£2000 - it does not work and you ask what to do?
Send it back.

  plantzzman 00:36 30 Sep 2003

God thats bad.I do hope the 8 hours was a slight stretching of the story.I think I would have said no more after 1 hour-if that.
Its terrible that lady put the phone down on you are you sure you didnt get maybe just abit to excited!!!!!
As regards letters of complaint I saw a good article on how to complain in another off the shelf magazine which I plan to keep for future ref.
Iam pretty new around here-do DELL also read these lists like MESH etc do?

  Smudge 12:32 30 Sep 2003

I've had my Dell for a couple of months-courier company messed up by trying to delvier to the wrong house. One complaint letter to Dell and delivery charge refunded next day no question asked.

PC worked fine for a couple of days, then something went wrong-windows XP-probably my fault but I followed the links on the Dell diagnostic software, went to the website, completed the form and away it went. I then got an email back from the USA telling me I should have gone to the UK site!. WHAT, it's your links I followed!. So that added a few days to the enquiry, but in the end I re-installed windows, took off all the useless software Dell bundle and have a great PC for it.

Sorry you are having a bad time-much much worse than me.

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