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Unable to sign out of online banking account

  ponytail 09:06 13 Feb 2016

Not sure what has happened but when I click on log out I get the following message. Confirm Navigation You have attempted to leave this page using the back button or similar.Are you sure you want to leave this page.This only started yesterday.I had some talks with talktalk about some scam phone calls I had and they did something and added some services but not sure exactly what.When I go into my online banking account the following appears at the top of the page.TalkTalk Banking Protection Active so really not sure what has been done.Will have to ring TalkTalk

  wee eddie 13:52 13 Feb 2016

Are you sure that the TalkTalk that you talked to was not a Scammer.

Get through to genuine TalkTalk asap *******Use the number they gave you

  wee eddie 13:56 13 Feb 2016

Reboot your PC as a sign-out of last resort

  lotvic 15:11 13 Feb 2016

Sounds like you now have the Talktalk Super Safe Boost (by f secure)

  lotvic 15:33 13 Feb 2016

click here
Notice at 1:22 the 'Banking Protection active' at the top of the screen. Yours will say 'TalkTalk' as it's personalised by F-secure for TalkTalk version.

  TopCat® 15:38 13 Feb 2016

Here's a link to information about the security TT's Super Safe Boost gives you. Very good software that came free for me. TC.

1">[click here

  TopCat® 15:42 13 Feb 2016

Sorry - here's the link. TC. enter link description here

  BT 08:45 14 Feb 2016

Don't know about Talk Talk but when I use my Barclays online account they don't permit the use of the back button, and the login times out if there's no activity for 10 minutes.

  Forum Editor 10:09 14 Feb 2016

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