Unable to save down loaded text onto zip disc???

  [DELETED] 15:38 15 Dec 2003

AM unable to save downloaded text onto a zip disc.
( IT is Definately not write protected despite an error message coming up on screen to the contrary!!)

Have saved the same stuff onto my documents successfully as well as onto a floppy disc.The above error message greeted me though when I tried to copy it onto the zip disc from my documents.

( can copy ordinary word doc no problem onto zip!)

Please help if you can.Thanks

  [DELETED] 17:08 15 Dec 2003

I saw your other post in the help forum (this one would have got more response in help)if you are sure the disk is ok and not protected try copy and pasting the text into a new doc and save that , or , pop the existing doc into a folder and copy that to the disk.

Worth while first having a read of this page click here as you have been having problems .

  wee eddie 19:05 15 Dec 2003

e.g. What extension does it have?

When you downloaded the page, how did you do it? As a web page or a text file.

If is a .txt file the "Send To" command ought to work. If it is .html it comes in 2 parts which are reliant on one another.

  [DELETED] 15:35 16 Dec 2003

Sorry to take so long to get back to you Cycoze and Wee Eddie! In addition to what I was saying,tried again last night to send ordinary word doc to zip disc but to no avail. Same error came up!

In answer to your question, the text that I had originally been after, I highlighted, copied and pasted to a new open word document ( There were lots of bits from different health related sites) and just saved them all as a normal word document. Wondered if Word had become corrupted or maybe Nortons had a part to play in all this problen .

Eventually took both Word,plus Zip drive software off and reinstalled them a few times ( as well as reformating the discs) and zip disc seems to be OK and accepting the original document that they refused to save originally but am afraid to do any more dabbling on the net in future just in case !
Any ideas as to what might have gone wrong and how I can avoid it in future would be much appreciated.

Thanks again

  wee eddie 17:56 16 Dec 2003

Copy & Paste

  wee eddie 17:59 16 Dec 2003

Most of my problems turn out to be something really simple, like a loose connection or chosing an incorrect route.

  [DELETED] 18:05 16 Dec 2003

Sounds like corruption of the Zip software , glad your sorted.

  [DELETED] 18:15 17 Dec 2003

Yes tried copy and paste but that didnt work!Checked for loose connection but everything OK in that department.
Wonder am I better to disable Nortons when copying and pasting in future just in case it was reading the Doc as something suspicious as it appeared to trying to do something as it came up with 'Virus Scan requested' but never proceeded with it and the Word Icon kept flashing ( very worrying at the time!)

Thanks for all your suggestions!

  wee eddie 20:06 17 Dec 2003

Very big file.

You may need to edit it to something smaller, or spligt it

  wee eddie 20:12 17 Dec 2003

Before it is fully loaded.

It is possible that there are WWW. functions which will not load into Word or whatever.

Chose > Save as > in Top box add 02 to name > box below, chose .txt file > click Save.

You will loose some of the formatting but you can then edit out those bits you don't need, and will have a file of handleable proportions.

  [DELETED] 09:34 18 Dec 2003

Many thanks both of you. Will try that and see how I go.

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