Unable to Purchase a Rubber Seal for a Vax Product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  proudfoot 17:07 26 Jul 2011

We have a Vax Carpet Cleaner it has only been used 3 times since new and we have discovered when it was last assembled the dirty water container must have not been fitted correctly and damaged the rubber small rectangular seal on the air duct to extract the water from the carpet into the container. I have searched the internet and discovered that virtually all small parts are not supplied by Vax or any other spare part suppliers. The reason given is " The Machine is assembled in China and it is too expensive to transport these small spare parts to the UK." How stupid I for one will never buy a Vax product ever again. In fact I will carry out research on the internet before buying any product in future that may require spare parts.

  ams4127 17:39 26 Jul 2011

Do you know what the part number is? I'll have a hunt around some of my mates who can often get hold of hard to find parts.

  mobileman1953 17:47 26 Jul 2011

have you tried link text

  Forum Editor 17:54 26 Jul 2011


You've already tried Partmaster? Apart from being the largest electrical spare parts suppliers in the UK they are Vax spares sellers.

Give them a try

  wee eddie 19:11 26 Jul 2011

Try the local Covered Market, there is frequently a Stall doing repairs to White Goods and they may be able to source the part for you.

  woodchip 19:16 26 Jul 2011

what about liquid gasket from a motorist shop, in a tube think its like silicon when dry so you may be able to use more than once if you put grease in before the gasket seal just smear with grease on first

  thurzer 22:21 26 Jul 2011

try espares

  carver 07:27 27 Jul 2011

Try these http://www.google.co.uk/aclk?sa=l&ai=C7nVoyq4vTtwO4OdhQfJ1a3DBd2cgeUB7fTWvxap8sWfAwgAEAIoA1Do6sepAmC7jq2D0AqgAZPo3PoDyAEBqQIEvbhPNZO7PqoEIUQjptjStncABNlTk364mI-32gioO3AoEgWjwnACwjKHroFEwjRwoGn8aCqAhWMGeEKHe1nrwnKBQA&ei=yq4vTtG1OoyzhAftz71N&sig=AOD641dE5t7PHucDHI5vIw0ue3ZOn5Kw&sqi=2&ved=0CEAQ0Qw&adurl=http://www.buyspares.co.uk/vax-spares/shop.pl

Every spare you can think of for nearly every Vax produced.

  carver 07:34 27 Jul 2011

Ignore first part of link and just go to second part and put in your model number, if they haven't got your part the machine hasn't been made.

Our Vax is over 10 years old and we can still get parts, saying that the only part that failed was the dirt bag which wore out, apart from that it's still going strong, brilliant machine.

  proudfoot 11:22 27 Jul 2011

I have tied all the obvious sites on the internet including those posted above, no joy. I have phoned and emailed Vax directly and some parts suppliers and received no response. Vax seem to be able to supply large major parts for the machine including watr tanks and main assemblies, but are unable to supply a replacement rubber seal which is an obvious item that can become damaged.

  carver 13:44 27 Jul 2011

Just what model is your Vax, give us the details you never know some one could point you in the right direction but with out a model number we haven't a clue.

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