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Unable to contact Amazon online

  ponytail 09:04 07 Sep 2014

Not sure if this is relevant to this section or even to this site but maybe someone out there can help. Last December we purchased a hand held vacuum cleaner which has noe developed a fault.Have tried to contact the manufacturer but just seemed to go round in circles.Thought I would contact Amazon direct but cannot find anyway of doing that.I feel that Amazon should sort this problem out.The manufacturer by the way is Electrolux and the model number is Z61.Hope someone can advise

  100andthirty 09:36 07 Sep 2014

Assuming you purchased this from Amazon, (you don't actually say, but it is implied!), you need to log into your account. There is a link to do this at the top right of the home screen of Then under the heading "Orders", there is an option "return or replace items". Select this and on the next screen select "return items". At the bottom of the next screen (you might need to scroll) there is an option to "select different items to view" if your order isn't shown. From there select "start creating your label" and follow the instructions from there on. Hope this helps

  spuds 10:19 07 Sep 2014

The above suggestions are an option, you can also use Amazon homepage "Let us help you" 'Help' and Customer Services for further guidance.

  ponytail 10:47 07 Sep 2014

Hi 100andthirty went to where you suggested and got this.

You won't be able to return a product using our Online Returns Centre if it becomes defective after 30 days. You may wish to visit the manufacturer's website or contact them directly as they may be able to offer troubleshooting and support with the issue you have with the product. Alternatively, please Contact us.

Have tried contacting the manufacturer hopeless and how do I contact Amazon. Surely Amazon as the seller have to sort out the problem

  alanrwood 10:49 07 Sep 2014

The Amazon system is that you contact them through their web site and leave your phone number. They then phone you back almost straight away.

  ponytail 10:50 07 Sep 2014

Hi Spuds have already been onto the help section without any joy but where are the Let us Help you and customer services to be found cannot see them

  spuds 11:48 07 Sep 2014


When you open the Amazon homepage, scroll to the very bottom, where you will find Get to know us - Make money with us - Amazon payment methods - 'Let us help you'.

In the 'Let us help you', Help is at the bottom of that last list. Click on that, and you will find various options available to you?.

  ponytail 12:32 07 Sep 2014

Hi again spuds have been on that section before see my my second post as cannot create a returns label as the purchase is over 30 days old.And where is the customer service section as it is not on my Amazon home page.Thanks

  ponytail 12:39 07 Sep 2014

Jus saw this on Amazon

FAQ: How do I contact Customer Service?

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By Marcusamazon, 27-Mar-2013 14:25 GMT Permalink Report abuse

To contact Customer Service, click on the "Contact Us" button to the right of each Help page ( and choose from three options, "Phone", "Email" or "Chat".

Using this button, you allow us to identify you and we can have all of your information ready in order to reduce the time you spend on the phone or chatting with us.

If you decide to contact us, we'll be happy to help you. But when you go here those three buttons are not highlighted you have to enter your purchase details but as it is over 30 days old it is no use.

  spuds 12:49 07 Sep 2014


Try using this as a reference to contact Amazon click here

  ponytail 15:22 07 Sep 2014

Hi spuds have been here and none of the options are highlighted see below.

An order I placed Fire and Kindle Digital Services Prime and more

Please enter your Order Number (if known)

Tell us more about your issue

Select an issue

< Please make a selection >Where's my stuff?Problem with an order or itemCancel or change an orderIncorrect or unknown chargePrint invoiceHow to return an itemCheck status of return or refundCollection of return unsuccessfulPayment issuesOther order issuesSuspicious e-mail received

Select issue details

< Please make a selection >Damaged itemDefective item / item does not work/ part missingReceived wrong itemPre-order codes

Did You Know?

Within 30 days of delivery you can return defective items using the Online Returns Centre.

*After 30 days you won't be able to return items via the Online Returns Centre. You may wish to visit the manufacturer's website or contact them directly for support on the issue with the product.*

Visit our Help pages to learn more about our returns policy or watch this short video which shows you how to return an item.

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