Unable to connect to AOL

  Markus 17:28 30 Jan 2008

On Jan 03 2008 I lost my broadband connection to AOL and have been unable to get connected since. I have a wirless network that appears to function as it should with the signal strength reported as Very Good to Excellent as I am only 187 yards away from my exchange.
I contacted AOL again yesterday and spent almost five hours on the telephone trying to resolve the problem. During this time I spoke with three different people but made no progress. The last person I spoke with told me that there were lots of people having the same problem which is apparently a BT one they are trying to sort out. This made me feel a bit better thinking that I was being a bit harsh on AOL.
Things were about to change for the worse though as I said that I was unhappy with my service and felt that it was time to change my Internet provider. Within a few seconds the mood changed and I was informed that it was not an AOL problem but with my PC's and I was on my own to resolve the issue.
I then attempted to terminate my internet servise and was astonished to find that I have been placed on a new 18 month contract for a service that I declined almost 7 months ago. I explained that I had read the internet agreement but declined the offer because I did not wish my telephone line to be transferred to Ireland. I was then informed that because I did not ring AOL and verbally cancel with in 7 days I was now on a new 18 month contrat an if I leave they will take the balance of the contract from my bank account. I have been with AOL since Jan 2002 and all I can say about AOL is the end of this contract cannot come soon enough.
I can still use the Internet through IE and Morzilla and my Grandson can access his internet
sevice through my PC's so I am happy that I do not think the problem lies with my equipment.
I had Vista Ultimate on one PC and XP Pro on the other. Not being very PC literate I thought that a conflict between the operating systems might be the cause so I replaced V Ultimate with a new XP Pro so that both PC's were the same but the problem still persists.
Sepucco might be the next step. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this tome.

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  K_elt 17:45 30 Jan 2008

I'm afraid I,m a little confused now. You say you can't connect to aol, yet you are able to connect to the internet via a web browser, as can others through your wireless connection.

Do you mean you are having problems logging in to the aol specific software (which some would see as a boon)? It sounds as though you are still connecting to the internet via aol, as when you set your router up you would have needed to put in your aol user name and password if that is your ISP.

If it's connecting to the aol software that is the problem, try re-installing it, either from a disc or by accessing their site via IE or any other browser.

  Marko797 21:28 30 Jan 2008

that this is a common problem with aol at the moment.
I'm on aol and keep getting disconnected frequently without notice, which is frustrating to say the least.
Not sure what the problem is as can't get a decent answer from aol. Maybe the BT problem which you mention, is the source.

Anyone else having these probs?

  Markus 21:48 30 Jan 2008

k_elt. You have it in one. I to am confused. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all AOL software three times from a disc. I have also tried installing an earlier version of AOL but still no connection. Perhaps the comment from the 'Help' team member about a known but undisclosed line problem may be relevant only time will tell.
Opening the AOL browser is in three stages and it always fails at stage three. After all the hastle with AOL and their attitude I to wish that I had never heard of them. As soon as this contract, which in my mind I never made becomes near to completion then I am off.I always thought that ticking the 'No thanks' box meant just that but it appears that is not the case with AOL.
Enough said, it would appear that I am stuck with the situation for the time being. I guess I will slope off and enjoy a 'wee dram' or two and hope that a magic solution appears from the mist of an installed headache because I doubt that one will come from AOL.REgards, Markus

  Marko797 22:08 30 Jan 2008

I have, and here's the response. Seems there is a temp issue (the You references are my enquiries):

21:57:14 You: seem 2be having problems being disconnected without reason, what's the problem?
21:57:44Srigil: How long have you been facing this issue with AOL?
21:58:47You: over the past week. both on the laptop and the desktop. never had problems before I changed to the wifi router.
22:00:24Srigil: This is a problem with AOL Server due to Network Migration taking place, as the Servers are migrated to CPW servers, some servers are over loaded and hence the speed is being regulated at times when there is lot of traffic, this problem will continue for 2 Weeks more and then everything will be perfect. Thank you very much for your Cooperation.
22:01:37You: yes, the speed has been affected too. So this is a known issue and being dealt with at aol??
22:02:04Srigil:Yes. It is.
22:02:09You: ok thnx

  pk46 01:23 31 Jan 2008

Why put up with a crap AOL service when you can get bettter service from other ISP's IDNET,FAST.CO.UK TO NAME BUT TWO and a bit cheaper.

  MS90 13:06 31 Jan 2008

We recemtly tryed to cancel our contract with AOL as we could not connect to them at certain days and kept getting cut off as well, so I rang them up and canceled my contract with AOL they said that they would send the migrationation code within a week but after 2 weeks it had not come through and the contract with Orange could not start with out it. I finally managed to get it from them about 3 weeks after I origanlly asked for it!

  Markus 13:16 31 Jan 2008

Yes I have contacted the help line and spent about five hours on the phone to them trying to get things sorted. I spoke with three different technicians who all said they could sort out the problem.
All were courteous and tried to be helpful but after five hours I think that I know the script by heart. It was only the last tech guy that I spoke to that told me there was a known problem. If the first guy had explained this to me then perhaps I would not be quite so miffed with AOL. Five hours at 5p/per minute is a fair amount out of an old codgers pension and being disabled did not help when I was asked to remove various cables from the PC's. Getting down was fine but tring to get up again was a pain.
At least now I know that I am in a contract that I did not ask for and relish the day when I shall be away for ever from AOL. Before this contract business came up I already had IDNET and FAST.CO.UK on my short list.

  computerboy1000 13:21 31 Jan 2008

same thing happened to me on Friday, This is the second time it has happened to me, after spending 3 hours on the phone I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was put threw to one and they said the internet was fine so I told them that my ip had changed to a 93 number and not a 172. number, as one of the computers on my network is used by family in Israel I had to give them a new ip, this took ages as there were asleep and I received about 30 email my family in Israel saying they could not connect. AOL IS A NIGHTMARE, OR HOW ABOUT CARPHONE WAIRHOUSE as they are now my new ip, I can not access my web mail since TALK TALK brought AOL

  Stuartli 13:33 31 Jan 2008

You are most likely using an incorrect MTU - it should be 1432 for both AOL and TalkTalk. See:

click here

and how to solve it:

click here

  Stuartli 13:34 31 Jan 2008

It will also be the reason you cannot access WebMail.

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