UKo2 Dial up services including webmail (

  phildavey1 22:12 16 Jun 2013

I have used this service for 10 years and recently added my e-mail account to Windows Live Mail. Now I can no longer log on to my account at Uko2 as the website appears to have disappeared. Their technical help support line is also out of service. Does anybody know what has happened ?

  pcadvisorplus 00:05 13 Jul 2013

It's quite simple, given the above information from forum users:

if you use pop3 , change the incoming mail server to "" for each email address.

It worked for me, nothing else needed to change, and I was able (as of today 12th July 2013) to download all the emails from uko2.

Remember when you're complaining about uko2, nothing comes for free, we've all been living off someone else's financial input as the demand for non broadband phone connections reduces with the rise of mobile emails and cable and wifi. I offered to pay for the service some time ago as I wasn't using the phone connection. While the person responding from uko2 answered the technical query, they didn't take up my offer of an annual fee for their email provision. It sounds like uko2 was being run by an overgenerous individual, let's hope 'ukfreeisp' manages to survive the Virgins and BTs and TalkTalks, etc, providing something for those who avoid the conglomerates.

  Forum Editor 19:52 14 Jul 2013


Your glowing comments about the generosity of wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that you work for the business would it?

  pcadvisorplus 18:02 31 Jul 2013

Wrong. But I'm not clear where you get the idea that I work for ??? I know no more about the provider than you do but I can still appreciate a service. I doubt many people worked for the company, it seemed to me more like a one-man band. In any case the technical ruse I suggested doesn't work now and the emails must be getting locked into a server as I tried a Microsoft Outlook test on one and it didn't bounce back but didn't arrive in my inbox either.

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