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  cliffo27 00:08 09 May 2010

After taking far to long to decide I have finally made the choice to buy this Arbico PC:

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I now have the option to customise my order and not being an expert I would appreciate some advice. I'm not looking to spend more than £800 so won't be upgrading CPU or graphics card etc, but would it be worth making minor tweaks? I.e. is it worth £10 to upgrade to 2 quiet case fans or would I be better served to upgrade the heatsink and CPU fan...or are both note worth the expense! Would greatly apprecitae some advice on general low cost changes that would be a cost effective benefit. Thanks!

  bobbybowls 04:51 09 May 2010

where are you going to put the pc? are you going to stick it under a desk with no ventilation, if so you might need extra fans for greater air flow. and what about noise, this also is affected by location. more heat means fans working harder to dispel the hot air.

  chub_tor 09:45 09 May 2010

My choice of options would be to forget about extra fans or cooling unless you are a heavy gamer, but I would take up the £25 option to have the 2 front USB ports changed to 4 front, audio and firewire. If you use a camcorder then firewire at the front is really useful. I would also go for the no cost option of having the 64 bit Windows 7. If you have a bit more cash to spare then upgrade the hard drive to 1Tb and get the DVI cable instead of the VGA one.

  cliffo27 14:57 09 May 2010

Hi, I will be keeping the computer under a desk so maybe extra fans would be worth it then. What is the best way for me to keep the noise down, is it just more fans?

What counts as heavy gaming? I'll be playing football manager and drangon age a lot but won't be spending 10hours a day on WOW or anything like that.

Will def get 64bit, but not sure about extra USB on front as most things can go in back and stay there, ie wireless mouse adaptor, printer etc and it'll only be things like iPod that goes in the front.

With the DVI cable, could I not find it cheaper elsewhere rather than paying their upgrade price?

Will definitely go for 64bit

  chub_tor 17:03 09 May 2010

All of the destop PC's that I have owned have been kept under a desk and I have never had an overheating problem or added extra fans. Football Manager and its like are not considered serious games as far as PC useage is concerned so it doesn't sound as if you are at the cutting edge of gaming. I like Firewire at the front as I use it with my camcorder and if the PC is under a desk it is a pain to climb under to connect up the cable. Yes it is possible that you might get the DVI cable cheaper elsewhere but if you are already paying for package and posting it might be just as cheap to get it with your system. I find that DVI input is sharper than VGA.

  john bunyan 17:24 09 May 2010

I find it very convenient to have a second hard drive in a removable caddy in the tower. I also have a USB HD. I clone my main drive to the second HD and an image to the external HD , both using Acronis True Image.

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