TV's from Sainsbury's

  sunnystaines 20:38 25 Jun 2014

We have a panasonic HD tv bought from a panasonic store [store since shut down] very pleased with the TV.

we have seen on the net that sainsbury do panasonic TV'S at cheap prices are they cheap sub standard tv made for supermarkets or will they have good panasonic quality as in panasonic stores?

  alanrwood 22:29 25 Jun 2014

Panasonic have a brand image to maintain so would not risk their reputation by allowing their name to be used on cheap shoddy merchandise. They may not be made in a Japanese factory but they will certainly have Quality Control engineers at the factory where they are manufactured.

  sunnystaines 08:35 26 Jun 2014

alan and woolwell thank you for answers

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