TV/Radio Tuner Card, not getting channels.

  Burtonswindow 23:20 06 Jun 2003

Hello all,

Just bought a new computer with a built in TV/Radio FM card, plugged in the ariel but I can't get a reception at all (Television) I can get a Radio reception but no telly.
I am on Cable/Broadband and xp.

Is this a common prob ? and do I need some other equipment?

Hope someone can help, many thanks.

  H-J 23:43 06 Jun 2003

some cards install seperate multimedia video and multimedia audio, despite being only one device. probably need to update drivers.need more info, like what kind of card is it, but really this is a topic for the help room.


  Patr100 15:50 07 Jun 2003

It is most likely the aerial signal strength. Make sure the aerial is getting a good signal as your PC may be in a different place as your TV and so it may vary. if it's too weak then it will be difficult to pick them up with the inital scan.

  SEASHANTY 16:05 07 Jun 2003

I presume that you have read all the instructions on setting this up properly. You will at some point get a window asking you to "scan for channels" The UHF band channels 22 to 61 will then be progressively searched and any TV channels it finds will be logged. Most TV cards have to be set up in this way as your TV channels are different freqs for different parts of the country. FOLLOW the set up instructions for the card you have installed.

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