TV as monitor for a silver surfer?

  Doug29 19:31 29 Oct 2006

My mum was thinking of joining the silver surfers and buying a notebook. As her eyesight is not good I think she would struggle with a 15/17” screen. She would only be surfing and the odd bit of word processing so I think it would be a waste of money paying for a 19” notebook as they are very expensive. Her TV has also packed in so she needs to buy a new TV. She is looking at buying a Toshiba 32WLT66.

I was wondering as her new TV will have two HDMI sockets if buying a PC (without monitor) and using a wireless keyboard and mouse is a practical solution instead. I have not seen anybody use a TV as a monitor before so I would be grateful for any advice given. She said she wouldn’t watch the TV at the same time as using the PC as she is only just taking the plunge and learning how to use a PC.

Also, could anybody recommend where to look for a decent PC (about £500 max) without all the peripherals?

Many thanks

  wjrt 21:27 29 Oct 2006

TV no good as pc monitor . go the other way and look for a monitor with built in TV card or a laptop with tv usb device such as Freecom and a monitor which would plug in to laptop

  Press Man 21:38 29 Oct 2006


Have a look here click here at this. Just got one for my son from Currys. Viewing documents that are on his laptop are good, TV/picture is also very good. Personally, I think a good buy, but, "each to his own" I guess!

  Joe R 21:50 29 Oct 2006


have a look here. The Digimate monitors have a good reputation, and a 32" lcd tv, would make a very good viewing platform. click here

  Stuartli 22:15 29 Oct 2006

Some of the smaller LCD TV sets can also be used as a monitor.

  Chrisann 15:02 30 Oct 2006

Just reading this thread..Can I I want a new Monitor for my Packard Bell comp..We have recently bought a new 14" L>C>D> T.V. Would that connect to my comp..If so how does it? Do I have to buy a special connection etc. Can't see where it would connect to a p.c.?
Or are there only certain T.V. sets that will connect to a p.c.?


  LimestoneRock 15:46 30 Oct 2006

The Toshiba mentioned is LCD - I thought that these were OK as PC monitors.

  FreeCell 16:01 30 Oct 2006

According to Trusted Reviews click here the Toshiba 32WLT66 has a D-sub connector so you can connect to PC as a monitor. Should give a good picture, just play with the display settings on the PC to get the best size and clarity.

With a normal screen there is always the magify facility in Accessibility options.

  FreeCell 16:03 30 Oct 2006


Depends if your tv has a d-sub connector as to whether it can be used as PC monitor. Small tv's often don't have this and 14 inch would be on the small side for a monitor anyway.

  Doug29 20:27 30 Oct 2006

Thanks to everybody for their replies. After reading the reviews from Freecells excellent link it seems the TV is ideal.

Any suggestions for a PC tower sub £500?

  terryf 05:37 31 Oct 2006

I would suggest that your Mum does NOT buy a notebook, a desktop system can be sourced from click here? for about £360 including flat panel monitor and printer. I help aged people with computers for Age Concern (being aged myself) and the reduced keyboard size and lack of a mouse does cause problems. If she spends a little more and gets a wireless keyboard and mouse, they can be put out of the way when not in use and the display doesn't take up much room. You can get quite small workstations from the likes of Argos and if she has a printer this will take up as much space as either a PC or a laptop. FYI lots of Age Concern branches do 'taster' lessons for the over 55's.You also need to consider the connection to the internet, whether cabled or wireless

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