The TV format to replace HD

  peter99co 13:35 16 Sep 2008

So all the HD ready TV's are out of date then?
I see so many advertised as HD ready

click here

Who is broadcasting in HD now (BBC) only?

  GRIDD 13:52 16 Sep 2008

To quote Stewie Griffin:

"Damn them and such!"

I just invested bucket loads in new kit and I ain't changing for a long time! Which is what that article says anyway....

from link "IBC's Director of Technology, Phil White, admits it may be a long time before homes switch to such a high quality format."

ITV and Sky do too... lots of on demand movies etc is available in HD.

  malgall 19:50 16 Sep 2008

on sky there are 19 channels in HD
3 sport 3 movie 3 discovery and history
2 HBO movie channels
channel 4 bbc sky1

  Stuartli 22:26 16 Sep 2008

There's also Freesat, which is a BBC/ITV venture and started a few weeks ago.

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