TV card for a PC with good resolution

  steelyglint 19:13 12 Jul 2006

I have a new mesh PC but ordered it with a USB digital TV .
I have been really disapointed with the picture resolution when i view it on my big rear projection tv. i.e. it's not as good as my ordinary HUMAX digital TV receiver.

Can anyone confirm that any of the TV cards available have an adequate resolution i.e. they at least match the resolution of the original signal?

My TV is a 50" samsung DLP and my HUMAX picture on it is fine - I'd like to get a PC TV card that is just as good! (My TV has a HDMI connection which i've plugged the pc into)

  Stuartli 21:07 12 Jul 2006

>>(My TV has a HDMI connection which i've plugged the pc into)>>

That would appear to be the clue.

Your Humax digital TV receiver (presumably a Freeview set top box) converts the digital signals back to analogue for viewing on a standard TV.

It's the same for a computer PCI or USB TV card if used with an analogue monitor or TFT.

My Twinhan DVB-ter D+A PCI TV card is HD compatible but you can't get HD signals for it at present.

  Stuartli 21:08 12 Jul 2006

You will probably need to use RCA audio and video leads or, perhaps, an S-Video lead plus audio leads connections.

  steelyglint 23:11 12 Jul 2006

My humax feeview box just goes in via a scart and can't get hi def.... but I'm happy with the picture.

I just want to get a PC freeview card that will give me the equivelent quality...the USB one I have looks very pixellated on my Tv but would probably look fine on a normal monitor

any advice?

  Stuartli 23:39 12 Jul 2006

You've confused me again...:-)

Do you want the TV card purely for a monitor or for the television as well?

The majority of PCI or USB TV cards or sticks will provide a first class display on a monitor with a good strength signal - the non-interlaced display of a monitor makes it even better than a normal TV.

But you are more likely to get input sockets with a TV card rather than output sockets.

See the description of my Twinhan PCI Freeview card for example - it will show (and record) inputs from other video and games console equipment:

click here

  Stuartli 23:40 12 Jul 2006

At the moment, whilst on this and another forum, I'm also watching Sky News.

  steelyglint 23:36 13 Jul 2006

My PC is only connected to my TV ..I dont have a monitor.
( & Because i have a freeview box already i can compare the picture through my PC to the ones form the freeview box.)

Its a big rear projection TV and I want a TV card in my PC so i can be on the pc and watch TV simultaneosly, be able to record other TV PROGRAMMES ETC. etc. The USB one (AVER MEDIA) I have seems to have FAR worse resolution than my normal TV but the other computer imageS , doom 3 etc. are very good. So I want a TV card that makes the most of the avialble signal "resolution " and is no worse than my humax.

Any ideas?

  Stuartli 00:22 14 Jul 2006

Your Aver Media card will produce very much the same final result as any other computer based TV card.

  steelyglint 01:10 14 Jul 2006

I thought perhaps it was poor because it was a small external usb one and that the cards that go in the pc would be better... thanks for your help though

  Stuartli 08:45 14 Jul 2006

Do you use/have you tried connecting a proper wideband TV aerial connection to the USB stick's aerial input?

Another point is that a television set and a computer monitor are two different beasts - the former has a 625-line interlaced display and the latter a non-interlaced display.

A television set will always prove a very much second-best choice for using with a computer system, especially on text; I would imagine this would be exacerbated with a rear projection TV.

  steelyglint 16:27 14 Jul 2006

The television is a hi def ready samsung dlp based rear projection so it is quite good for a pc and has a pc monitor input jack as well as the HDMI and scarts etc.

I think they use DLP based projectors for use with PCs also so I dont think thats the issue... Ive used the same aerial for both and the HUMAX picture is subjectively twice as good. The resoltion of the TV screen is higher than the resolution from the HUMAX but the overall effect is adequate. (i don't want to shell out for hidef sky!)

The aver usb box just looks rubish when you blow it up to full size 50" but the HUMAX pictuire is fine.
(I am not splitting the aeial to do this , im plugging it into one device at a time so its not a splitter issue either)

Does any of the bumf with your card give its TV picture resolution?

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