TT charged for faster net service I didnt want?

  theDarkness 19:42 21 May 2010

I was offered a faster broadband service with TT over the phone, I said no. I found out a few days later (start of a new month) that Im now on it! I phone them back, they say sorry and that Ill be put back on the standard net service I was on before. Now Ive received my current bill (and since with TT you pay for each month in advance) I know that Im still on it.

I phoned them up today, and they said they would put me back on the standard internet speed for my phone package (yet again) but they wont refund the money. No doubt thats because I had used my internet whilst on the faster net (despite it not being fast enough to notice), but can they do that. If so, whats to stop them keeping me on the faster "pro" service Ive never asked for, and charging me yet again- should I phone them back demanding a new bill? I know the difference is only £10 (the faster pro phone package is a £40 per month bill as opposed to the regular £28-30) but it still seems unfair. No doubt I can do very little since when I refused an upgrade the first time, its highly unlikely that the call was recorded.... :(

  ronalddonald 20:47 21 May 2010

1st of all when you ring speak to someone who is charge and then tell them what happened and also tell them if they don't resolve this within a certain time limit you will cancel you contract and go somewhere else. Ask for refund of money taken from your account

Follow up with a letter to send to tell them exactly what you told them and tell them specifically you want to be refunded for money taken for services you didn't ask for and you didn't agree to.

Im sure other people will tell you what to do also.

From now on if these people ring tell them to write to you as verbal offers can be changed without your consent as they can tell you the good bits and leave out the bad bits.

  ronalddonald 20:49 21 May 2010

These days when ever i get a phone call i ask who it is and tell them the person they are asking for is out can i help in anyway and if its about some offer i tell to send it in writing so that the person can go over it.

If they still pester me i just put the phone down on them and unplug it if they try to ring more than 3 times in one day.

  TopCat® 22:58 21 May 2010

previously, the best way of getting these problems resolved is to join and post it on TT's own forum.

Post full details in their Billing section and someone like OCE Emma will get it sorted soon enough; from Monday to Friday of each week that is. TC.

  spuds 23:00 21 May 2010

Most of TT sales and customer services are dealt with via a call centre. Try sending an email via their billing contact page, explaining the circumstances, stating that you did not or want the service that as been 'forced' on you. You could also suggest that you will take the matter further, with the appropriate authorities if they fail to resolve the issue.Then see how they respond!.

  theDarkness 23:41 21 May 2010

the bulk of their call centre staff seem to be foreign, which sounds alot like TT trying to make as much money as possible through underpaid overseas workers. perhaps the staff get paid per customer that (usually decides on their own!) to update to their latest service. which might explain alot

  Taff™ 09:07 22 May 2010

From my experience of OneTel, another subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse, this could take a long time. I suggest the following course of action.

First keep a log of every phone call and the name of everyone you speak to. ask them to spell it if necessary and ask for their "Call Team" reference - they work shifts. Also ask for the "Ticket" number for this complaint and always use it on subsequent calls.

Ring them up immediately and request details of their complaints procedure. click here is probably where they will send you. Detail this complaint using the above log and send a recorded delivery letter as soon as possible.

Point out that you have now been mischarged for a service you didn`t request and that previous requests to correct this have not resolved the issue or resulted in the promised refund to your account. (They won`t refund the money to your bank until the amount exceeds your monthly payment) In the letter state that if the mischarging continues for the third month you will consider they have breached their contract with you and you will cancel any payment instructions with your bank.

Think carefully about the last threat before you do it. If things get really nasty they will just cut off your broadband. In reality they start to phone you at which point you refer them to the case and make notes on any threats they make to suspend your service.

I would also suggest you look around for other deals. In the case I was involved in the customer was eventually owed over £100 by OneTel and she switched suppliers to PlusNet combining BB, Phone and Line Rental for £22 about a year ago. PlusNet were extremely helpful (as you might expect) and their customer service was all UK based. Despite the fact that technically the account was in arrears they transferred the phone and line rental out of OneTel. The matter was resolved satisfactorily by the Managing Directors disputes team and only then did she get any actual refund to her bank.

  theDarkness 13:19 19 Jun 2010

I eventually got this resolved by posting on the TT website. admin took care of it!

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