trying to get a refund from ticketweb!

  march 17:43 20 Jan 2010

banging my head against a brick wall with ticketweb

been trying since 26th dec to get a refund from a cancelled event after we booked tickets with ticketweb, have sent them confirmation from the event organisers that the event was cancelled but now they are telling me to contact the organisers again to get a refund,

today I rang ticketweb who tell me it has to be done via e-mail & no one can help

it takes them days to e-mail back with the same stupid 'contact the organisers' tripe & still we have no refund

any one else had this problem & how did you get a refund?

  spuds 20:24 20 Jan 2010

Having read in a national newspaper recently about concerns regarding similar on-line booking and cancellation incidents, I would suggest that you contact Consumer Direct for further help and advice click here

  march 21:12 20 Jan 2010

thanks spuds will have a look & see if it helps

  march 18:44 21 Jan 2010

have sent yet another e-mail today (20th jan) asking for a full refund due to the event being cancelled

will post back when I get a response

  march 19:38 29 Jan 2010

update on ticketweb

after still getting no response to e-mails I decided to write to the customer service department in London complaining about the lack of response and excuses they were making about the refund

I informed them that they are legally required to refund all monies when an event is cancelled & requested they did so immediately.

the letter was delivered yesterday (sent via post & signed for on delivery)
an e-mail was received by me today confirming the refund is to be paid into my account!

spuds a thankyou to you for the link it was from there I found that

'they are legally required to refund all monies when an event is cancelled'

hope it helps if any one else has similar problem


  GaT7 20:02 29 Jan 2010

Good to hear you got your refund.

But it appears a bit odd that they made a fuss at first, because from their own site click here:

"Cancelled Events

For the majority of cancelled events, TicketWeb will issue a full refund automatically without the customer being required to return the tickets in order to demonstrate proof of purchase. Refunds are normally issued within 28 days of TicketWeb receiving notification of the cancellation and the customer should see the appropriate credit on their next statement."


  march 14:23 01 Feb 2010

Yes it is very odd they dithered over the refund,
I sent that very statement to them at their London office via letter, the day they got the letter was the day I had an e-mail confirming a refund. All the e-mails & telephone calls got me no-where in spite of me sending them letters from the event confirming it did not go ahead.

hope no-one else gets a problem with them. The lack of response to the e-mails was very poor, I was waiting several days to get them to answer & wont be booking with them again.

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