[DELETED] 11:02 24 Sep 2003

I am interested in buying a new PC and came across this new website - looks good to me. Has anyone got opinions, good or bad on

  [DELETED] 12:15 24 Sep 2003

I once purchased a PC from one of those shopping TV channels and it came from Evesham.

The PC was riddled with faults which they couldn't fix over the phone.

The monitor was so new (they told me) that the manufacturer hadn't built many so I couldn't have a new one for some months.

I got them to come and pick the whole thing up.

They refused to give me a refund for the extra memory that I'd ordered for it as it was a 'separate transaction'. "But you haven't sent it to me yet", I said, ..."so you just keep it and refund my credit card, please"

Six weeks later they called me to say that they'd found the memory ... it went to the wrong department and they still had it 'sitting' there.

I got a full refund.

That's my experience with Evesham.

However, friends of mine have used them and have been very happy with the service they received.

I must have just been one of those odd occurences that seem to happen to every company, good or bad.

  [DELETED] 12:36 24 Sep 2003

I have an Evesham PC. All round service has been pretty good.

My CPU died after 18 months. They came to my house, replaced it and added a much bigger heatsink too. All within a week.

Can't really fault them

  [DELETED] 12:49 24 Sep 2003

We are sorry to hear that kinger experienced problems with his/her Evesham PC which resulted in a refund being given. Unfortunately as with any organisation we are run by humans and as such we are not infallible. We trust that on this occasion the matter was resolved satisfactorily by the provision of a refund for the goods in question.

Equally we are pleased to hear that Strangely Brown has been happy with our service to date and that we responded in a timely nature when a problem occurred. Unfortunately it is a fact of life that electrical components are not indestructible and, although unlikely, it is not impossible for failure to occur. We try to differentiate ourselves from the competition by providing a first class after sales service, this ethos would appear to have been successful and we continue to strive to improve the award winning service we provide.

Patra - if you would care to e-mail your details to [email protected] then I will personally call you back for a chat if you have any questions regarding our company or the products we offer.

Kind regards

Customer Support

Evesham Technology

  [DELETED] 12:55 24 Sep 2003

That's what I call service, Customer support.

This is why I went on to mention that friends had absolutely no problem with Evesham.

But honesty is the best policy and I gave Patra an honest reply to her question.

Evesham do consistantly top polls etc. for service so I don't believe Patra will go far wrong buying from you ....especially since your reply on this board, nice one.

  spuds 19:23 24 Sep 2003

Not hiding in a cupboard.Evesham have come straight out with possible help and solutions. Cannot be any better than that, for customer care.

  [DELETED] 21:07 24 Sep 2003

I bought Evesham PC 2 years ago. Compared v well on price/spec. Very good service. Only problem was a Hard Drive that self-destructed (sh*t happens! - hardly Evesham's fault) and this was replaced v quickly at my home.

I would definitely recommend them to you.

  [DELETED] 09:25 25 Sep 2003

Many thanks for all your comments and opinions. I will definitely give Evesham a call. By the way what did you all think of the website?

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