Trouble at startup

  quitebright 11:58 28 Jan 2005

Hi, I got a Pc from tiny back in September 2004. It's been nothing but trouble. First the BIOS driver (?) had to be reloaded and then loads of other stuff went wrong. They won't give me a refund, so I'm trying to sort the problem out myself. Everytime it starts up, it gets as far as the Windows XP screen and then restarts, asking how i want to start up windows. I ran windows diagnostic, and it found loads of faults on LRAND on both RAM modules, but I replaced one and the problems still persisted. I also tried them individually and faults still came up on both! Once windows has finished starting up, i often get a BSOD and it resarts yet again, doing a disk check, and then saying it has recovered from a serious error! Is there any chance it could be something else (motherboard, or hardware). Please help!!!

  the-george 21:22 01 Feb 2005

I am working on a Tiny machine right now ( 1.7MHz P4 processor. I have had the machine for over 3 years and have added and pulled various hardware, reinstalled several times from backup cds provided and have had no trouble with it at all.
Does not help you but shows that not all their PCs are problematic.

What I would suggest is that you contact your local trading standards and ask their advice seeing as it is relatively new and should still be within the warranty. Notwithstanding the warranty, you might still have some redress under the 1979 Sale of goods Act - TS will tell you.

It might help if you have logged details of all the problems, what you did, how Tiny responded etc.

  HXP 17:27 04 Feb 2005

Decide if you are going to press for a refund or repair.

First of all contact Tiny and report the matter as a warranty claim - you must get it registered with them before trading standards can help. You also need to write to them and I suggest recorded delivery.

Give them a chance to repair / replace if you have decided on that route.

Otherwise contact your local trading standards office - they have a help line and will advise of the act to state in your rejection letter - reject the goods formally under the sale of goods act. Give them time to respond ( 2 weeks ?) and then be prepared to take them to the small claims court which is not as bad as it sounds. Write to advise them this is your intent.

Make sure you document everything ...

I got a refund from Mesh for a faulty machine that was 7 momths old. It took persistance and phone calls / letter to the MD etc.

On thing I did was to ring the company and just ask for name of MD ended the call and then rang back 2 mins later and asked to speak to Mr XXX they put me through to his secretary which got me where I wanted. I then wrote to those people direct.

Hope that helps and that you get a result.


  the-george 23:34 04 Feb 2005

If you have to use small claims court the fees are relatively snall - about £35 or so - and if you are successful in your claim you get then back from those you claimed against.
I sued a holiday company a few years back using this route and got the compensation I claimed. they refused to pay my costs - another letter to the court and they paid up.

  the-george 21:43 22 Feb 2005

Tiny PC's and TV's are going to be featured on 'Watchdog' on BBC1 Tues 1st March 7.00pm.

Might be interesting!

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