Trouble at evesham?

  hophog 15:04 22 Jun 2007

Trouble at evesham?

I'm not normally one for scaremongering but I'm currently looking to buy a new PC and a friend recommended me to check out evesham. A quick google has got me worried though;

click here

What effect is this likely to have on me if I go ahead and buy from them, or should I just avoid them for now?

I dont want to buy a PC and then not be able to get any warranty support in the future!!

p.s. I'm looking to spend about £800-900 at most. Good for games but mainly for internet browsing etc.


  BioBob 15:47 22 Jun 2007

Er, wow... reading that article i wouldnt touch them with a barge pole otherwise you'll be another statistic that looses his money.

There are plenty of alternative manufacturers out there. Looking through the forums, there is:

Chillblast, Beast, Nova, Mesh (thought they went bancrupt?), Cougar and NSYS.

I've only used NSYS but I suspect they are all similar. NSYS has an online configurator - bit old fashioned - here click here. My tip is choose what you want, then copy and paste into an e-mail to them and ask for their opinion on it... it opens up all sorts of options, not least of which is a direct line to the engineer that will build your machine. I dont know any other company that does that... handy for updates, reassurance and help!

The other companys probably build anything you want as well, so try them out and do a bit of Googling on the names before committing eg complaints!

  Esc4p3 15:50 22 Jun 2007

I ordered from them just over a week ago, and had a call from them yesterday telling me that delivery was delayed. That's not a big problem for me, but your post has made me a bit nervous.

I am sure it is just a coincidence.

This will be my second PC from Evesham, the first has done me proud. I still trust them to deliver the goods

  Esc4p3 16:05 22 Jun 2007


Whilst it is absolutely correct to be cautious with who you buy from, its a bit too soon to write Evesham off as a lost cause.

Lets see how it pans out (obviosly I have a vested interest here :-)

  BioBob 16:14 22 Jun 2007


Early days.. sure you'll be fine.

This seems to be a slightly different statement ie admits financial problems but sounds like a buyout is going on. Whether thats a way to allow them to get their debts written off and rise from the ashes again or a proper take over bid, i dont know. Be a shame to loose Evesham.

If looking for a new PC I personally would steer clear for now - just in case :)

Keeping fingers crossed for you!

  Dizzy Bob 16:15 22 Jun 2007

Buy with a credit card, this will give you additional protection shold there be a problem, as the card issuer will be jointly responsible under section 75 (?) of the consumer credit act.

To be honest, i would always use a cc for any purchase over £100.



  spuds 17:01 22 Jun 2007

Buy with confidence, but as Dizzy Bob as suggested, make sure that your payment method is covered by Section 75. Credit card or computer finance deal will do, not debit cards or personal loan finance.

Nothing is a certainty in the IT or business world, so who you consider as the next supplier may carry some risk.

  Lettervanman 21:01 22 Jun 2007

A real shame if Evesham is in trouble,I am on my third computer from them.
The first one, I bought some years ago when they were working from a small industrial unit in Evesham. I drove there and collected it myself.

I have been a bit surprised at the number of outlets they now have,must cost a bomb to run all these places. It would be hard to manage so many and not loose the hands on approach.

  BioBob 21:24 22 Jun 2007


Totally agree - has been part of the scene for years and better reputation than a lot of them out there. I find it hard to believe that no one will step in and pull them through - they dont have the sort of rep that Tiny etc had.

As for buying from them.. yes credit card will protect you, but i for one have been there and had many sleepless nights over it and the warranty i paid for was worthless. If you are intent on buying from them, I would defer any decision until more info is available.

  spuds 21:59 22 Jun 2007

Regarding the continuation of warranty, if a company goes bust and the goods including the warranty, were paid for by credit card or computer finance package deal, then Section 75 will come into play. Some finance institutions try to insist that they are not responsible, they are. I have been there also, twice in fact.And in each case (after expressed persuasion) the credit card and finance companies honoured their obligations.

But as you rightly say, if anyone wishes to purchase, then possibly defer the decision until facts become clearer.

  SteveWH 22:00 22 Jun 2007

Very sad to hear this I have bought 3 Desktops and two laptops from them all excellent this one has never missed a beat.

I do hope we are not going to be left with only the massive firms (Mesh, Dell and the like) if Evesham can't make it work it doesn't look good for the relatively small firms. I would rather pay a little more for quality and aftercare.

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