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  Diemmess 11:58 30 Oct 2010

An aged friend is in distress with his computer (XP) which will not run any .exe file

He says his AV program (PC Shield) detects deletes but wont clear the malware.
He has a recovery partition and made a recovery CD when purchased.

I am prepared to make the 30 mile round trip but want to have a sporting chance that any remedy I take will save the day.

Please comment on the following ideas?

I can take a pen drive with MalwareBytes and SuperAntiSpyware on another but which is best, or is there something more effective?

Booting into safe mode first is I believe the surer way to be effective.

Please any natty ways which may be better?

  birdface 14:23 30 Oct 2010

PC Shield sounds a bit iffy is it actually a normal anti-virus program or a Rogue one.
Maybe make sure he has a good anti-virus and ant-malware programs downloaded.
Malwarebytes and superantispyware sound Ok but maybe just try malwarebytes first to see what it finds.
It could be Pc Shield is a rogue program that will scan then want payment for removal If so it may be harder to remove.
You should have posted this in the Helproom where you would have got more support.
Maybe get FE to move it for you.

  Diemmess 14:53 30 Oct 2010

......but that carelessness explains the lack of response even on a Saturday and sunny here too!

Having spent ages finding a manual way of clearing the virus, he phoned a little while ago to say a local friend who wasn't in earlier was coming round in another hour!!

PCShield is legit, but one of these preloaded things for which he has to pay an annual sub.

He understands little of the methods and jargon of this problem so his promise to let me know what was done may not prove very informative but I'll post the reply he gives me.

  spuds 15:15 30 Oct 2010

If you have problems of getting rid of 'awkward' programs, then try Revo Uninstaller. You can get the free download from most reputable download websites.

But make a back-up if possible, just in case it removes other hidden unknowns that might be still useful or required.

  birdface 15:32 30 Oct 2010

If this is what he has he would be best getting rid of it.

click here;lst

124. Your 3rd click here is a bad site according to WOT.

  rdave13 19:13 30 Oct 2010

WOT is good so is McAfee site advisor but commonsense and working out what is what can sometimes be not so straightforeward. Have a look at this photo and see what one is suggesting and the conflict with the other one; click here

  birdface 20:02 30 Oct 2010

Yes your site was fine.
Wot gives this for the other site.

click here
It also trys to download a cookie with it lets hope that is all.

  Diemmess 14:34 31 Oct 2010

My friend [G]looks like succeeding with the help of a local man whose work is with IT.

From what G has told me the PC was bought 4 -5 years ago in PCWorld.
Fortunately he did as instructed and made a recovery disk.
Access to Safe Mode with his machine is not F8 it is Escape.
His helper arrived with a new external drive and copied all data to that.

Then the computer was booted from the recovery disk and I'm told deleted everything on C: returning it to XP as it left the shop.

Today when I phoned G he was dragging his friend in to help return the data from the ext. disk

Presumably, "silly twisted boy" he still doesn't realise how many hours he will need to have everything back to normal.

I assume the recovery disk will act like Acronis, but only see to the bare bones.
I must convince him about the joys of regular back-ups!

I can believe with G that the virus on his old HD would be cleared by the recovery disk, but I would like to hear that the friend had scanned the ext HD, but perhaps he did that earlier!

Apparently he had some bother with AVG and chose to pay for PCShield on the dubious ground that if he paid for something it MUST be better than the a freebie.

Thank you all for your help.
I'm happy to have avoided spending a lot of time and milage when he has someone close by who will carry the can.
Also I've learned a lot from this near disaster.

  spuds 14:53 31 Oct 2010

Not being funny about this, but I hope the IT person knows what they have taken on, and your services might be needed yet?.

Taking from experiences of helping neighbours with minor computer problems. Never again.

  Diemmess 15:55 31 Oct 2010

As most do, I have helped several people over time, even on one occasion made things worse! Sometimes people present me with something for my trouble, curiously inversely to the size of my efforts.

With this man, my sympathy is wearing a little thin. He lives 15 miles away and says a very grand Thank You (full stop)
Over the years he hasn't learned very much.
Starts with pre-conceived ideas and has excellent selective hearing.
'Nuff said.

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