trinitron or lcd

  flyingbrit 00:57 08 Oct 2005

at the moment i have a sony trinitron 19" crt but it seems,from all the stuff i've been reading,that my diagonal rasters are begining to show badly(wouldn't want that would you???)anyway i can't make my mind up on a replacement.both my son and i play games so,without spending a fortune,should i invest in an lcd or go with another crt? the way i wouldn't want to get a smaller screen than i have now so it looks like being a 19"lcd (although i know they have a larger viewable area than a crt) i've been looking at tha acer1913s any more thoughts?.........britsdad

  harps1h 07:16 08 Oct 2005

when you are buying look for a low response time of 12ms or less as there will then be no "ghosting" ie a small blur in fast graphics

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:01 08 Oct 2005

I used to have a CTX monitor with a Sony FD Trinitron tube and, two years ago, changed to Philips lcd monitor. I would not go back to a crt.

  freaky 10:02 08 Oct 2005

Recently replaced a Iiyama 19" CRT with a 19" Iiyma Prolite E481S TFT with a response time of 8ms. Paid £276 inc VAT & Del. I use it a lot for games and there is no trace of ghosting, and the picture is excellent. I also would not go back to a CRT.

If you do purchase a TFT, then recommend you download "Clear Type" from Microsoft (will only work if you have XP). This greatly improves the appearance of text on a TFT. You can tune it to your liking.

  DieSse 12:54 09 Oct 2005

I've recently bought a Benq FP937s - 12mS with a DVI input - cost €312 inc VAT (in Spain) - really very good - no complaints of any kind. Came with analogue and DVI cable in the box too.

  flyingbrit 17:43 09 Oct 2005

thanks for all your input people i've juust been out and got the acer1913.i was a bit concerned that the response time might be a little slow for games,however i've just been playing half life 2 and it doesn't seem bad at all(chist i have enough trouble killing baddies without looking for ghosting!!lol)....freaky: i downloaded that Clear Type;--god it does make a hell of a difference,cheers for that.overall after about 2 hours with it i'm dead chuffed!!! thanks again..........britsdad

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