transferring vinyl to mp3 - mono not stereo

  ZootHornRollo 10:06 09 Jun 2004

I have just started the pretty massive task of transferring my old vinyl album collection to mp3 via my laptop using the headphone connection on my amp and the microphone socket on the laptop and Audio Cleaning Lab Deluxe 2004 software
All seemed to go pretty well but on playback via my laptop the sound is in mono!!
Any suggestions on how to get round this?

  krypt1c 19:57 09 Jun 2004

1st you'd be better off posting this in the helproom. Anyway have a look at this site for tutorial etc on copying from vinyl to pc click here

  Tim1964 00:10 10 Jun 2004

ZootHornRollo, that's correct. The mic socket on my Compac 610 is mono as well. There are adapters available to convert phono/phono to usb.
See previous thread

click here

  perarduauk 10:19 10 Jun 2004

I've encountered similar problems and after much research (and much painful trying...) found that the sound card in my Dell D800, like most laptop cards, just isn't up to the job.

I plugged a USB Creative SB Extigy external card into the laptop and Bingo, worked fine, with excellent quality (I "dont do MP3" - too low quality) for converstion to CDA format for writing to CD.

Hope this helps - or at least saves hours and hours of grief.

  Q-Bie 11:57 10 Jun 2004

Don't you have a line in input on your soundcard rather than a Mic? Mic inputs are always Mono as far as I know, whereas Line In tends to be Stereo.


  Xavier 10:27 12 Jun 2004

We must all be in the same fix.
Ditto your problems on my Sony Vaio.
I have just purchased a USB SoundBlaster + mp3 external soundcard, which solves everything.
You can also hear what you are recording via the phones socket on the soundcard, because using the mic socket on the notepad cuts off the speakers.
As many people now seem to be interested in this type of activity, and PCA have published articles on the subject, perhaps we should ask the FE for some dedicated space for this little bit of fun and games?

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