Transfer funds from PAYPAL balance to bank account

  iqs 17:43 02 May 2008

Has any of the forum members had any issues transferring money from their PAYPAL balance to their bank account?.
I ask because I would like to transfer funds to my bank account.

  Forum Editor 17:59 02 May 2008

do it every week without any trouble - I've certainly never had any problems.

  Totally-braindead 18:39 02 May 2008

No problem but if its below £50 theres a charge for it.

  iqs 18:39 02 May 2008

Forum Editor.

  iqs 19:00 02 May 2008

Totally-braindead for the advice.

  g0slp 08:23 03 May 2008

Just be sure to give the bank account name correctly; PayPal can be a bit funny about it.

Oh, and it can take several days for the funds to come through; don't rely on it coming through promptly.

Totally-braindead gave a timely reminder about minimum transfer amounts to avoid incurring charges too.

  FatboySlim71 23:32 03 May 2008

I have done this very same thing several times without any problems.

The only advice I would give is:

1: Make sure the bank details, i.e. Name/full address are correct.

2: Make sure the details you are entering for your bank account are correct, i.e. Bank account number/sort code.

3: Check everything again!

There is a small charge if you withdraw funds to your bank account for amounts less than £50.

  Boghound 10:57 04 May 2008

Paypal will only let you transfer funds from your account to a bank only if that bank is in the country where you are Paypal registered or to a bank account in the U.S.

  €dstowe 12:45 04 May 2008

Why is it that transfers from PayPal TO your bank account take about seven days yet transfers FROM your bank account to PayPal are immediate?

Making more money on the overnight markets?

  rickf 17:10 04 May 2008

That's for sure!!

  wee eddie 17:42 04 May 2008

Do you work for nothing?

It is only reasonable that PP has some method of earning money, would you prefer it if they charged a Transaction Fee.

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