Trading up from VCR - options?

  funkey_monkey 22:18 22 Feb 2011


I have an elderly relative who is looking to update her old TV and VCR.

I've managed to locate a suitable TV for her - 22" flatscreen 1080p roughly £150. That fine.

However, how do I get her a unit to replace her current VCR which is trash? She loved its ability to record things on different stations using VideoPlus (as long as the times did not clash). These things are out of date now, so I am not sure what to get her.

I don't know if her area has Freeview yet. I tried the Freeview website but nothing cpncrete came up.

What are her options for a recorder? Ideally I would like to get her something cheap, but anything I've seen at the minute is over £170 and for Freeview.

I am assuming her that if she does not receive Freeview the box will be useless for her current analogue signal.

All help greatly appreciated.


  beeuuem 00:06 23 Feb 2011

Did you try the digital site click here
I assume that you have checked that a 22" TV will be big enough?

I bought a 22" digital to replace a 21" analogue and returned it as, with the wide screen format, the screen was to small to watch comfortably.
I also got a DVR recorder, it was 'free' with the TV, but, as you say, they are expensive.
I realise 'elderly' is a subjective term, some would say I am elderly. If your relative is over 75 she can get a free STB click here

  Dragon_Heart 02:39 23 Feb 2011

I got a reconditioned, due channel DVR from Maplins for £60 plus p & p. You can search channels and also record full repetitions.

  ordep 08:15 23 Feb 2011

Have you looked at managers specials on Humax site.

click here

  hastelloy 10:36 23 Feb 2011

I agree with ordep - I'd definitely get one of these at this price if I hadn't already got 2!! click here

  funkey_monkey 12:59 23 Feb 2011

Thanks for the links to those Humax devices. I'll definitely get one of them.

beeuuem - can you please enlighten me as to what a free "STB" is?

Thanks folks!

  [email protected] 14:50 23 Feb 2011

"STB" = Set Top Box. i.e. a Freeview box.

  HondaMan 15:32 23 Feb 2011

If you are replacing a 22" CRT with a flatscreen, you will need to go for something like a 32" screen to make the picture a decent size.

So far as video / DVD is concerned, think about tghe Panasonic DMR-EX99VEB. This combines a VCR, DVD player/recorder and HDD combo. She will be able to record tapes to the hard drive edit them and then copy to DVD, alternatively copy direct to DVD and she will be able to record to all 3 media types. Built in freeview decoder and HDMI output, upscaling to 1080p. Amazon stock them.

  beeuuem 16:57 23 Feb 2011

Thank you for explaining that. I fell in to the trap, of which I often complain, of expecting others to know what I mean when there is no reason that they should know the abbreviation used.

The free set top box is available even if there is already a digital TV in the house. If,for example, the box to be used in a bedroom or kitchen with an analogue TV.

  jakimo 19:27 23 Feb 2011

Not widely known,but Argos has outlets in parts of the country trading as 'Bargain Sales',your local Argos could tell you.
Anyway,they sell both current and recently discontinued New TVs CD\DVD players\Cameras and much more at big last purchase was a £200 PANOSONIC microwave for £99

  Covergirl 08:33 25 Feb 2011

(PVR = Personal Video Recorder is a receiver with one or two tuners and a Hard Disk for recording programmes).

There's a great choice out there and I'm almost sure you can get some Freeview boxes that will pick up analogue channels until you switch over if you haven't already unknowingly got Freeview.

Freesat needs a dish (like Sky) but the programmes are free once the equipment has been procured and you are guaranteed to have reception immediately.

Personally I would go for a High Definition PVR, but you probably won't benefit if you're hooking it to a 22" screen.

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