Trademark acknowledgements etc on my website

  Peter E 01:16 09 Mar 2003

I'm designing my first website which will be a beginners' guide to using Microsoft's Outlook Express. It will include screen-shots of the program.

What sort of wording do I need to acknowledge Microsoft's ownership of Outlook Express? And do I, as someone suggested to me, need Microsoft's permission? Is there anything else I need to include - a disclaimer of some sort, perhaps?

Thanks in advance for any replies. Advice will be much appreciated.

Peter e

  Forum Editor 01:53 09 Mar 2003

although you will need to acknowledge their ownership of the trademark.

A suitable form of wording would be:

Outlook Express is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

As far as disclaimers are concerned, it's not a bad idea to include one along the lines of:

Your use of the guide contained on this website is entirely at your own risk, and we wish to point out that we are in not connected to or sponsored by Microsoft Corp. For further information about Microsoft software please visit (then include a link to

Both items should appear at the bottom of each page of the site in Arial 8 point bold.

  Peter E 13:22 09 Mar 2003

Thank you for your reply. I shall follow your advice.

Thanks again.

Peter e

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