Tracker, a few pointers....sort of PC related...

  thisisnighthawk 15:20 05 Feb 2004

Hi all, am i right in thinking that if you get a GPS device and are stuck on,say,Dartmoor that it does not cost anything to use it, to find out where you are.or does it? so the next question is, can one fit a device in the car, so you can see where it is on a PC, assuming of course, you have all the software installed...or have i really lost the plot..

I know you can have a tracking device installed, but i wondered why you can not do it yourself.


  PCA ed 16:37 05 Feb 2004

Yes - you can add GPS functionality to a notebook or PDA and, combined with mapping software, it will show your position, whether in a car or on foot.

I don't think it costs anything to 'call' the satellite system because GPS comprises a simple antenna receiving the always-on downlink from a geostationary satellite network.

But my plot might be a little misplaced on that score too.

Does that help?

  thisisnighthawk 18:00 05 Feb 2004

Thanks for that, i will leave it open for a while in case anyone else comes along..

one more thing, what about an uplink? so of the wife :-) is on the way home with the car, i could see where she was..

  Belatucadrus 22:11 05 Feb 2004

That is an amazing piece of kit. Now, one for the mistresses husbands car.........

The cost of using the GPS system is absolutely nil. As PCA ed (??) states, it is by picking up the signals that are being transmitted FROM the satellites which is rather like picking up radio waves - they are there for all to use all the time.

  thisisnighthawk 07:56 06 Feb 2004

good grief, that is exactly what i mean, I did have a good search of the net before i posted, but found nothing :-( thanks again...nice one.

  Stuartli 09:00 06 Feb 2004

You don't seem to have done a very good search = here are just three of hundreds I found within a few seconds:

click here

click here

click here

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