Tracing a website.

  Bald Eagle 20:04 14 Nov 2011

Is it possible to trace where a website originates ie for which laws they have to follow? I am interested in knowing if Angloinfo for Brittany is actually based in the UK.


  spuds 20:57 14 Nov 2011

Doing a few quick checks, it would appear that this name is available in the UK, except for .com, which is already registered, but it is not showing on the Nominet listing?.

I find that Nominet are very good, so it might perhaps pay to contact then for advice?.

  Forum Editor 23:10 14 Nov 2011

The site you mention is hosted on a server on the East coast of America, but of course that doesn't necessarily mean much - the domain name's IP address is in Dublin.

  Forum Editor 23:16 14 Nov 2011


Nominet manages all .uk domain names - it has nothing to do with the .com high level.

The only variant of the name that is currently available for registration is:

  Forum Editor 23:27 14 Nov 2011

Broadly speaking

a web site must conform to the legislation applying in the country in which its host server is located. The problem is, different laws may apply in some areas of internet activity, dependent on several factors:-

  1. The laws of the country in which a site user lives
  2. The laws that apply in the country where the server hosting the website is located.
  3. The laws of the country which apply to the person who may transact via the site.

As you can see, things are far from simple, and in many cases there is a conflict where legislation is concerned.

Do you have a specific concern about the site you've mentioned?

  lotvic 01:07 15 Nov 2011

The url you give is from a link on the parent page

If you check on it gives the name, address and phone number of the Registrant (near Oxford UK)

  Bald Eagle 10:10 15 Nov 2011

FE, basically folk are asking for secondhand car seats for children and on three occasions I have pointed out that they (the seats) have a limited shelf life. Also I pointed out that they could have been in an accident so saving a few quid over a child's life is short sighted. Every time my posts have been delelted and even emails to the moderators go unanswered. I just wondered if they are UK based perhaps someone like ROSPA could point out the dangers to them.


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