Toyota purchase information.

  [DELETED] 20:48 02 Oct 2005

Cheers Folks,

Need to buy a new motor and it would seem that TOYOTA are one of the best these days with a good reputation for engineering reliability.

Have you purchased a car from their range recently and can you advise if the dealers were able to offer discounts, I hear that they are against reductions and would appreciate information re the possibilty.

Regards ....anchor

  Al94 21:16 02 Oct 2005

Try here with your question click here
Toyoya dont make PC's as far as I know so you're a bit off topic here!

  [DELETED] 01:08 03 Oct 2005

I currently drive a Subaru, previously I had six Toyotas of various vintage and model and all were extremely reliable and a pleasure to drive, if it wasn't for the fact I need AWD I would most likely still be driving a Toyota.

BTW, I have seen Koi Carp being discussed on this forum with the FE's blessing so what the heck, carry on with your quest.

  ajm 06:56 03 Oct 2005

Anything Japanese or German are reliable. Am currently on my 3d Honda Accord, the last one doing approx 120K miles in space of 5 years without a single major problem.

Good TLC is needed if you want them to last long!!!

  [DELETED] 13:58 03 Oct 2005

It really comes down to what specification you want, and how much you can afford.......bit like buying a PC really.

The Japanese always come out tops in consumer surveys on reliability. Suggest you get a copy of 'What Car' and use the tables to narrow down your choice. Once you have decided on the make and model, then shop around for the best prices.

  [DELETED] 16:19 03 Oct 2005

Hyundi!! Very reliable with a 5 Year warranty on new cars and it carries on to the next owner. Some very good deals at the moment.

  [DELETED] 19:11 03 Oct 2005

Cheers again folks,

Many thanks for your response re my query with regard to purchase of a TOYOTA....possibly an odd request in this forum but knew advice would be freely given.

Regards to all.

  [DELETED] 21:03 08 Oct 2005

I have worked on Toyota's for 27 years. In my opinion they rate as the most reliable cars on the road. When ever I have had a major repair to do it has nearly always down to owner abuse or neglect. Of course we do get the odd niggle now and then but you can't go wrong in bying a Toyota. All models are equally reliable.

  Forum Editor 21:08 08 Oct 2005

You're right - we have discussed Koi carp in the past. We've discussed Toyotas now, too, and I think that standby has had a reasonable response - Plus a useful link from Al94.

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