Touch screen phones

  carver 10:09 17 Sep 2009

Hi, just had a new G2 touch screen phone today and was a bit concerned over the screen and it ability to stand up to general ware and tare.

So was thinking about using one of those protectors that are advertised, only problem, I've no idea which one to go for.

If you read the advertising blurb for them every one is brilliant, and the more you pay the better they get. So has any body used them with any success and if so any particular make.

  dagnammit 10:51 17 Sep 2009

Plastic stick ons can reduce the sensitivity of the screen, reduce clarity and are prone to smudges.

I got a £6.50 sock from The Orange Shop - my phone is in perfect condition and it easily pushes out of the sock.

  jack 10:56 17 Sep 2009

On my ITouch - it's OK and for a fiver a pack you get enough to do your camera and any other little screen you may have around the place

  orienne21 11:11 17 Sep 2009

I have a samsung tocco touchscreen phone and bought some screen protectors on Ebay. They are excellent and the screen sensitivity was not reduced at all.
Sorry but cannot remember the seller offhand, but they are so cheap I would definitely reccommend that you try some.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:12 17 Sep 2009

click here these are the ones I use for my phone and they are £1.49 (inc. p&p) for 6. They are excellent and do not reduce sensitivity. I laos bought a leather hoder for 32.50 inc p&p. Don't bother using shops, Ebay is way cheaper.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:13 17 Sep 2009

'I laos bought a leather hoder for 32.50 inc p&p'.... should be..... I also bought a leather holder for £2.50 inc p&p


  spuds 12:17 17 Sep 2009

" Don't bother using shops, Ebay is way cheaper".

And that includes using Hong Kong and SEA based sellers. I have used them many times, both for cheapness and fast delivery ;o)

  dagnammit 14:53 17 Sep 2009

I believe I got value for money.... my phone is in mint condition.

Last time a I bought leather case it tarnished the finish on the handset around the edges of the case.

Screen protectors are fine on normal screens but I just don't like it on my touch screen.

  donki 15:10 17 Sep 2009

I would buy a few, if your like me you will find them a night mare to put on perfectly. I have never found one screen protector or case that feels as good as a naked phone :).

  jimmybond 19:57 17 Sep 2009

Fair enough if you have a plastic touch screen - I use an iPhone3GS, and don't see the point in putting a screen protector on it, because
1. The official ones I believe cost £10 (lol) in an apple store, for a piece of sticky plastic.
2. It's a glass screen, and scratching glass isn't easy.
3. What's the point in having a smear resistant oleophobic screen, if you then stick a non smear resistant cover on top of it.

  carver 21:04 17 Sep 2009

Thanks for the replies, had a quick look on E-Bay and decided not to buy these click here

GANDALF <|:-)> makes your case seem cheap.

Thought they might be a bit dear.

If it had been a glass screen same as an I phone wouldn't have been to worried but it's a tough plastic on these Hero G2.

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