iqs 15:15 20 Feb 2008


Received a phonecall today from a company called Totalcare.They had my details because I purchased an Evesham Pc last March with extended guarantee.

They informed me that Evesham have gone into liquidation(old news),and that they are offering extended guarantees from £4.99 a month.

I paid £100 for Eveshams extended guarantee,so I'm a little annoyed that I have lost this money,and that to cover my Pc will cost me £59.88 a year.

So,Totalcare,any forum members heard of them,any members have their guarantees,worth considering?.


  anskyber 15:20 20 Feb 2008
  gibfish26 15:53 20 Feb 2008

i was going to tell you to look at my posting from the other day concerning this company,i wont be taking them up on their offer.but i see anskyber has pointed you in that direction,please take a look.gibfish26.

  iqs 16:24 20 Feb 2008

anskyber and gibfish26.

I have just looked at your posting,interesting reading.I think I will pass on their offer.I was considering it mainly because for £4.99 I could cover two products.

I must add,the comment made by livewire concerns me 'Evesham are offering warranties on new products - so why are they messing older customers around with Total Care?'

Surely they could honour the guarantees on their products sold before all their problems started.

Is it worth me phonong Evesham tomorrow,if they wont honout it,they should at least give me my money back.

  Widney 18:16 22 Feb 2008

I have just cancelled my DD with Totalcare within 2 weeks of setting it up. I had had a problem with my Evesham PC and was put through to Total Care when I phoned the old Evesham phone number and agreed to take up their support offering for £4.99 (with 40 days cancellation rights).

Totalcare said a technician would phone me back within 48hrs to assist with my problem. I think the first call was made on the 4th day (as the intervening period covered a Sat and Sun) but I was unable to answer this or subsequent calls as they were made during normal working hours - when I was at work and away from my PC. I the end I sorted the problem out for myself.

The address of Totalcare is c/o Time Technology Park, Blackburn Road, Burnley - so I suspect there may be some connection with Time PC's who I think went into liqidation a few years ago.

  stmfly 15:42 04 Nov 2009

Just a warning that TotalCare do not cover the Evesham e-box media centre. One of the people at TotalCare I spoke to claimed that I would have to register the product for them to repair it. I did so and was and insured a couple of other items as well for £6.99 per month. But when I tried to to get a repair done to a dodgy on/off switch I was informed that the item was not covered. When I checked the website I found that instead of an e-Box Media Centre (which I had specifically stated) they had registered it as an Evesham PC/laptop! I asked for a refund and was refused - be warned - TotalCare and totally inflexible on this.

  ol blueeyes 22:59 05 Nov 2009

I also had a Evesham Computer which is still under warranty had a problem which Totalcare had said in a blurb they would do all they could to assist Evesham PC owners. E:Mail them twice with my problem they never even had the curtousy to send an reply or even an acknowledgement.

  ol blueeyes 23:03 05 Nov 2009

Oh ! I should have said that when Totalcare originally phoned me when Evesham went bust they wanted £9.99 per month which I refused. Perhaps they kept me on record and that's why they didn't reply to my E:Mails

  ol blueeyes 23:06 05 Nov 2009

It's me again just found click here
Funnily enough I had to E:Mail them a couple of months ago for my Daughter and they don't reply to E:Mails either.

  grimp&mire 18:04 09 Apr 2011

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has had problems with this company. I took out their support package which proved to be worthless. They have an automatic contract renewal and did not inform me I had reached the end of my contract. When I then spotted they were continuing to withdraw money from my bank I wrote and cancelled. They are now, in a very unpleasant manner threatening me with court action. Not nice people at all.

  Forum Editor 18:24 09 Apr 2011


It might have been better not to revive a three-year old thread to post your problem.

I suggest that you start a new thread, to avoid automated emails going to the person who posted this one.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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