Total Care Nightmare

  simon77 10:51 19 Dec 2006

I know that Tiny Computers have a long and jaded history and I was one of those unlucky ones who purchased a laptop from them in 2004. I chose the Tiny Mediabook MK64-3200+ Mediabook which was great until Tiny collapsed and I had to start dealing with Total Care Support.

Back in July this year I sent my laptop off to be repaired by Total Care. The diagnosis was a faulty DVD drive and corrupt software. It took a week to be fixed and I was fairly happy with the turn around time.

In September the laptop failed again, this time requiring a replacement motherboard. I was surprised that it needed to be fixed so soon after receiving it back however I made no song and dance about it.

In October the soundcard had failed, so I sent it off again to have another replacement motherboard. By this stage I was really getting concerned about the integrity of the replacement components being used in the repairs of the computer. There is no reason why they should be failing so quickly after being “repaired”, however I just wanted it fixed.

After waiting a month, I received my laptop back only to find that for some reason the keyboard had been replaced but the soundcard had not been fixed. I couldn’t believe how stupid the engineer must have been and I immediately sent it back to have it repaired AGAIN.

It has now been a month since I last sent it back and I am still waiting for news of when it will be fixed. I’ve battled with the call centre staff repeatedly just to get through to the floor supervisors and to actually get some service – all to no avail.

I have noted that in the Total Care 3 year support package contract, Clause 4.1 it states that Total Care reserves the right to replace the computer and I believe this clause is entirely relevant in this case. If Total Care cannot provide adequate service in repairing the laptop, then a replacement computer should be provided “of equal or higher specification and will be new or equivalent to new in accordance with prevailing standards and practices within the industry”.

To this point my experience with Total Care has been more and more painful as they repeatedly demonstrate their incompetence, both in customer service and technical repairs. So far I have not taken this any further than just between Total Care and myself, however I’m now interested to find out whether anyone else had had a similar experience with these clowns?

Is anyone else out there currently battling it out with Total Care?
(who I like to think of as Total C***s)

  Al94 11:18 19 Dec 2006

Was the last part in brackets necessary?

  anchor 11:38 20 Dec 2006

Perhaps it time to think about taking legal action in the County Court.

Send a special delivery letter informing them that you are considering this, to their address:

Total Care and Support Ltd , Time Technology Park, Blackburn Road, Simonstone, Burnley BB12.7TW

I assume this is the company.

Whilst I understand your frustration, I suggest moderation of language.

  simon77 09:50 21 Dec 2006

Al94 & Anchor - Thanks for your replies!

I just got off the phone with a helpful chap from Total Care called Mark who was able to sort this issue out.

Like most other UK companies, it turns out that the sales and technical call centres are in Dubai. That might give some explanation why the call centre staff seemed so incompetent in resolving my issues and repeatedly fobbed me off.

Mark was from the UK office so suddenly I was talking to someone who could actually help me from a change – which makes a world of difference!! Although 4 repairs in just over 4 months is unacceptably high, I have now been given assurance that if this happens again I should expect a replacement unit.

If anyone has a similar problm, I would suggest you skip the Dubai call centre dramas and the call the UK branch direct on 08701201771.

Fingers crossed I won’t be calling them for a looong time!!

..and point taken on the language thing ;)

  anchor 10:46 21 Dec 2006

Glad things seem finally to be getting resolved.

I am not a fan of overseas call centres, and your experience only goes to confirm my opinion.

I note that some TV ads are now making a point stating that their call centres are in the UK.

  simon77 10:07 11 Jan 2007

Update on dealings with Total Care Support -

I received my ‘repaired’ laptop on Dec 21 and I thought this saga would now be over just in time for Christmas. Sadly that night when I start plugging everything back in found the USB ports were faulty which indicates that once again I’ve dealt with yet another kaput motherboard.

This week I’ve been speaking with Mark in the UK office and I expect that hopefully Total Care will finally honour their contract and replace the whole new unit. Seeing this is now the fifth time I’ve had to send it back for repairs this can’t go on much further!!

Seeing Tiny Computers is no longer around and Total Care’s affiliates Time Computers UK doesn’t sell my model, it will be interesting to see what they come back with.

If anyone has had any experience with receiving a replacement unit for an out-dated model, I’d love to hear from you!!

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