Toshiba Satellite Pro A10 - Feedback

  bremner 13:32 24 Dec 2003

I am in the market for a low spec Laptop and have seen some positive comments about this Toshiba machine.

Has anyone who has had one for a while got any positive or negative feedback on its performance / reliability etc.


  Forum Editor 13:44 24 Dec 2003

that you'll be getting an entry level, low spec machine you won't be disappointed with this laptop. There's no CD writer, and no floppy drive, so backing up to removeable media is out unless you buy an external floppy or ZIP drive, or an external CD writer.

Otherwise, the standard 256Mb RAM could be usefully upgraded to 512Mb and you would see a performance improvement. The hard drive is only 30Gb ( A few years ago that would have been a hige drive, and as far as I know Toshiba don't offer anything larger for this range - so no upgrade capability there.

At this price point you're not going to get a speed demon of a gaming machine, and as long as you take that on board you'll find the A10 a useful computer.

  Forum Editor 13:45 24 Dec 2003

Martian for huge drive.

  bremner 14:24 24 Dec 2003

Thanks for that.

I only what a basic machine to enable me to access the web (via WiFi and although it is not standard it is compatable for upgrading) and complete Office based tasks.

I see on the Toshiba site you now get a USB external Floppy drive as standard all for £549 +vat.

  Forum Editor 15:20 24 Dec 2003

excellent value for money - the floppy drive is an essential really. There's a single PCMCIA slot, so you could use a wireless network adapter in that - Linksys make an excellent one - or you could always plug a USB adapter into one of the USB ports.

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