Toshiba Satellite P30-110

  ChrisE 23:14 22 Jan 2005

Looking for a laptop to be used as a desktop replacement I noticed the Toshiba Satellite P30-110 at the local PC World store. I was able to see it in action (and press a few of its buttons) and appreciated how quietly it was running, something very high on the wishlist. I was very impressed with it until I noticed later that the maximum display of colours is 65,536 (=Toshiba UK website). As the laptop will also be used for graphics this is surely disappointing? By the Acer Aspire 1680 (Acer UK website), for example, using apparently the same graphics card (ATI Mobility Radeon 9700, with 64 MB of external DDR VRAM) a maximum display of 16.7 million colours is mentioned.

How unusual is it for a quality laptop to only display 65,536 colours? Is this definitely insufficient for displaying digital photo's/viewing the occasional DVD and is it advisible to look for a laptop which displays 16 million colours?


  ChrisE 10:43 23 Jan 2005


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