Toshiba Sat Pro - where to buy?

  StephShadow 15:23 08 Nov 2003

While typing this on a borrowed PC, I'm thinking of buying the next to lowest spec Sat Pro. Shall I buy it direct from, or does anyone have any other advice? (I won't be going to PCWorld...)Thanks in advance.

  Forum Editor 15:50 08 Nov 2003

why on earth not?

You'll be missing out on some excellent deals.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:02 08 Nov 2003

I have bought 4 laptops from PCWorld, instant delivery and they do not make Toshiba's, only stock them. It is your loss if you do not want to go....ho hum.


  StephShadow 16:12 08 Nov 2003

about PC World reselling used hard drives as new kinda puts me off, but if you recommend them, I'll have a look

  StephShadow 21:40 08 Nov 2003

On reflection, it's a bit like asking where do I buy a Mercedes from, isn't it? Joe Bloggs Motors, or direct from the manufacturer - too easy. As someone who's never bought a pc before (previous was a gift), it seemed like a real minefield. But with a bit of research, it seems that it's very similar to what buying a car used to be like, with all the associated near-monopolies and cartels in place (unless you have the ability to build and maintain one yourself). Problem solved.

  sdf 00:46 09 Nov 2003

dabs stock the A10 pro range

  Forum Editor 09:49 09 Nov 2003

PCW may have sold someone a used hard drive doesn't mean that there'll be something wrong with the Toshiba laptops they sell. As has been pointed out - they don't make them.

The laptop I'm using now came from PCW at Staples corner over a year ago. It hasn't missed a beat since I took it out of the box, and I regularly send clients there for hardware and software. I've been doing that ever since the store opened, and not s single client has ever complained that they had a fault with anything they bought.

PC World sell tens of thousands of computers and peripherals each month, and yes, they have been caught doing things that they shouldn't be doing. They've come in for a good deal of criticism in this forum too, mainly on customer service and consumer rights issues, but those incidents represent a tiny percentage of the volume of sales in the group.

I don't have a particular axe to grind for PC World - they don't give me special treatment (as one forum member once suggested) or extra discounts, and I feel no particular sense of loyalty to them, but I feel you may miss out on the possibility of a good deal because of a prejudice - at least take a look at what they have to offer, it's in your own interests to do so after all.

  StephShadow 17:02 09 Nov 2003

for the advice and for the very balanced view on PCW. I've nothing personally against PCW, just what I hear. As a risk-averse brand-truster though, I'm tempted to go direct to Toshiba because I can - and their warranty prices look good. I don't mind paying a fair price - but I want a laptop to last and start every day. And as for the deals, well, it's so difficult (if not impossible) to compare Toshiba prices. When I've found exact models to compare, the saving (from a web retailer vs. Toshiba direct) is about ?15 - simply not worth it. (I've asked under OldBaldy's "out of warranty" question which is the best laptop brand because I don't know if my assumption about Tosh is correct.)

  anchor 12:50 10 Nov 2003

I bought my Toshiba notebook from a John Lewis store. Price matched to the lowest retail price I could find, plus two years warranty, (instead of the usual 1 year).

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