Toshiba or Sony laptop ???

  snoop001 21:11 30 Nov 2005

hello !

can you tell me something about Toshiha and Sony Vaio laptops ?
I want to buy one of these , but I cant choose .
I am thinking about SONY VAIO FS315E or
Toshiba Equium L10-300

thank you....

  ade.h 21:36 30 Nov 2005

They're both good brands. I used to have a Tosh, a couple of friends have Toshes, and my other half has a Sony (the S model from the range that you've mentioned). You should also consider HP.

Personally, if it was between the Sony and my own HP, the HP would win for its much better battery life. The Sony would have the edge if all you want to do is keep it on mains power and watch DVDs on it, as it has a nice screen for DVD watching. Don't try to use with a light source behind you in just the wrong place though; that shiny X-black screen is more prone to reflections. HPs and Sonys are generally slightly more competitively priced that Toshibas.

  Totally-braindead 21:56 30 Nov 2005

I think Toshibas are cheaper than Sonys personally, Sonys are good, all Sony products are good but I feel they are too expensive. A couple of friends of mine have Toshibas, have had them quite a while and have had no problems with them. So they get my vote.

  Aspman 13:38 01 Dec 2005

Never liked Sony computer products. I've always thought they were overpriced.

Toshiba laptops were very nice in my experience, HPs were ok but large (usually budget laptops). Personally I think Acer laptops are good for the money but Dell has some fantastic deals on at the moment. Check the papers for deal codes rather than configuring on the website. Or often list Dell offers.

  ade.h 17:36 01 Dec 2005

HP large?

Mine is lighter and slightly slimmer than the Sony FS315S. And although my HP was a bit cheaper than the Sony, the nearest Dell had an inferior spec for more money. Only the high-end ultra-compact Sonys could be described as over-priced, but that can apply to many ultra-light laptops. When I had to research the market, I was pleasanlty surprised at how competitively priced some of the Sonys are.

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