TOSHIBA laptop screen problems

  Kilobyte 19:40 26 Mar 2004

Please can someone help with this? I know there has been lots of discussion on the subject of defective pixels. My Toshiba laptop developed defective pixels about five months ago. I sent it in to a Toshiba authorised service provider who have replaced the screen FOUR times but on each occasion the laptop display has had another display defect on receipt by me. Some manufacturers will not deal with this until a certain criteria has elapsed. But my problem is that eash time the screen has been returned with another display problem. I received it back again today after they assured me it had been diagnostically checked but it arrived with two defective pixels. The first time the shiny blue laptop lid was scratched badly by technicians while in for warranty service, but the company replaced this as a matter of goodwill. This service provider now want me to deal directly with Toshiba as it was the Toshiba uk head office technical centre who replaced and checked this last panel. I read a post from the forum editor recently saying he would not accept a pixel defect and i totally agree with him. Thanks

  SEASHANTY 19:59 26 Mar 2004

2 dead pixels is within the tolerance limits
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  Forum Editor 08:51 27 Mar 2004

two defective pixels is within the tolerance limits for a TFT screen.

Having said that, it's becoming rarer for these screens to have any dead or rogue pixels, and your readiness to accept them is going to be governed by their position and colour (or lack thereof).

I wouldn't personally tolerate a dead or wrongly-coloured pixel that was in or near the centre of the screen, whereas I may put up with one or two that were in the corner, or near the edge. Unfortunately you'll have a problem getting a manufacturer to replace a screen that falls within the agreed tolerance limit, regardless of what you're prepared to accept.

  Kilobyte 09:52 27 Mar 2004

Thanks Forum editor, i've contacted Toshiba again and i'll let you know what happens with this as it may help others in the same situation.

  rupie 00:34 30 Mar 2004

DUE TO THE SALES OF GOODS ACT IF THE UNIT IS UNDER WARRENTY IT SHOULD BE RETURNED TO YOU IN THE CONDITION YOU WOULD EXPECT A NEW ONE TO BE IN. If they have agreed to repair the unit then a satisfactory repair should be done. You are correct that some dealers do not touch a screen until a certain amount of pixels are broken but as soon as they take the repair they are liable, by law. They have the right to repair or replace. YOUR GAURENTEE IS WITH WHO YOU BOUGHT THE COMPUTER WITH AND NOT TOSHIBA. If you bought it by credit card then you have rights against the CC company but at the end of the day if if has not lasted to the end of the warranty you have lots of bargining power. contact trading standards and tell them everything. Tell the place you got the laptop from you have done this. Today you have to shout and stick to your gunns. Companys bet the customers will back down or get fustrated and give up if they have to hang on or wait. This applies to more than just computers,eg car insurance, etc

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