Toshiba 32WLT66 v. Panasonic TX32LXD60 tv

  Carafaraday 14:36 09 Nov 2006

Anyone got any positive, or perhaps more importantly negative comments about the above two tvs?

  Whaty 14:47 09 Nov 2006

I've got the Toshiba and I'm very pleased with it (if you are not aware, this particular screen has won a lot of awards).

The only negative I have is that when connected to my PC and using it has a monitor, it doesn't support a widescreen resolution and therefore you get a black band approx 3" wide down each side. That said, the picture quality is still very good..

Can't comment on the Panasonic.


  Carafaraday 14:56 09 Nov 2006

Thanks, Terry, I've been swithering between the two for a couple of days and just can't make my mind up. The DVD recorder (hard drive + DVD) I'm going to buy is Panasonic and I thought it might make life easier if the tv matched...........

  Stuartli 15:45 09 Nov 2006

Both Toshiba and Panasonic make cracking LCD models.

The best guide, however, is to see both in action using normal transmissions rather than DVDs or HD "demonstration disks" and make your mind up then.

Samsung models are also well worth considering in the mix.

  Carafaraday 16:51 09 Nov 2006

Stuartli, thank you for your reply. I have seen them both in action today but sadly still can't make up my mind!

  postie24 18:29 09 Nov 2006

Prefer panasonic to be honest.Had a look at both and woulclick here go for the panasoclick here carafaraday

  postie24 18:30 09 Nov 2006

Sorry links not working

  Carafaraday 22:31 09 Nov 2006

postie24 - Thank you for your reply. Could you tell me why you think Panasonic is preferable to Toshiba?

  Stuartli 23:47 09 Nov 2006

My best mate runs an independent audio/visual/appliances out let and sells most of the makes you have mentioned - he only sells those that he knows are both good value for money and reliable for obvious reasons.

On a strictly partisan scale the Panasonic models will just shade the Toshiba variants, but both are top class products.

I've had three Toshiba CRT models since 1990 (all built in the UK) and all of them are still used every day - none has given any problems apart from the company's first 21in Nicam stereo set bought in 1990, now used by my son, which blew an internal fuse about five years ago.

The Panasonics are equally excellent on the reliability front - the main points to look out for are whether the display suits your requirements and the cost to buy.

You should also consider the Samsung models and Sony, but the latter tend to be priced a little higher than the competition. Obtaining Sony spare parts can also be difficult at times for the independent outlets.

  snowy30 02:10 10 Nov 2006

I have been looking around for an LCD TV myself lately, I've been trawling through many websites to see what I like at a reasonable cost. For the above models you mentioned if you look on Comet's website the have ratings for picture, sound and connectivity. The Toshiba wins over the Panasonia in Picture Quality and Sound, thats what I would go for, personally

click here

click here

  Carafaraday 08:36 10 Nov 2006

Thanks to everyone for their most helpful comments. I'll leave this for a day or two in case anyone else has anything to add and hopefully make my mind up over the weekend.

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