Top marks to 02

  Covergirl 12:50 17 Jan 2012

After my Victor Meldrew experience with BT, it was refreshing pleasant to negotiate a monthly mobile contract with O2 last night.

The customer advisor could not have been more helpful, especially with regard to "we don't want you to be paying too much", so start off on a Simplicity contract with 600 any time, any network minutes - you can always upgrade but you can't downgrade; these are the chargeable numbers; here's the number to find out how many minutes you've used; here's a fiver on the new sim so it won't cost you to phone us to transfer your existing number onto your new sim, if you have to call a 087 number, go onto saynotto9870 etc etc etc.

OMG, we all cracked up after the conversation with comments like he'll be round to install the new sim for you and you got a new boyfriend there auntie.

One particular comment stood out - the guy could not have been more helptul.

Top marks to 02 !!

Oh, and BT - sort yourself out - you're a disgrace.

  beeuuem 15:24 17 Jan 2012

I only have a PAYG mobile but moved my land line service and BB to O2 last year. Twice I've had line problems - a noisy line interfering with speech and dropping the BB connection - which isn't really their fault, it is a BT line after all. By the nature of these things, intermittent faults, it took a little while to sort. And eventually they -and Openreach - did by replacing the line to the exchange. Throughout the impression given was that you weren't being a nuisance and they really did want to solve the problem.

As you say, Covergirl, a completely different experience from BT.

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