top-up internet?

  BIG ben strikes 10 21:38 23 Mar 2004

is there any ISP in the U.K that has a internet package which broadcasts radio signals to your notebook or desktop? that you have to top-up with a card like a moblile phone?.if there isnt.then some ISP should make it happen?.this will also be quite usefull would it not?

  smegs 23:42 23 Mar 2004

Why would U want this service, as when U R on the net, U can choose which radio station to listen to anyway. Buy a Walkman.

  BIG ben strikes 10 16:46 24 Mar 2004

NO i ment use radio signals to broadcast the intenret service!.and why are you using txt form of writing when there are lods of words you could have used as txt form

  computernerdiamnot 19:06 24 Mar 2004

Click on this link i think you might find it useful click here

  Smegs 18:56 25 Mar 2004

I'm sorry, I didn't know that there was any rules on this forum 4 writing txt. U understood what I said, didn't U??? U'r on here 4 help, not 2 give me English Lessons. L8er M8ty. ;-))))

  BIG ben strikes 10 20:15 25 Mar 2004

nah mate i would hate to teach anyone a english lesson!.that would be the worst thing i could do + when have we learned about txt form in a english lesson?.later man

  JerryJay 23:54 25 Mar 2004

Get a 3G mobile phone and connect it with your laptop. If you have a lot of money to burn, why not?

  JerryJay 09:59 26 Mar 2004

It can be done without 3G by three ways
(1) A normal mobile phone with Infrared link and a laptop with Infrared link, just dial up as usual, but speed is only 9.6kbs (normal landline dialup is 56.6kbs). (2) Get a mobile PCcard modem for laptop and the same as (1) (3) A mobile phone with GPRS and link to laptop and use GPRS service, it is expensive and only 28.8bps.

3G is almost broadband.

Technically possible, but true mobile internet is only for people with a lot of money to burn.

  BIG ben strikes 10 16:29 26 Mar 2004

thankyou jerryjay.that was a answer i was looking for.cheers.

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