Top up fee for not having a phone line

  Minivanman 08:29 18 Jul 2017

I have just cancelled my phone line with plusnet and they have now added £2.50 a month to the cost of my broadband. Contract notwithstanding but sorry, this cannot be right surely. Penalised for not using a land line and not wanting to pay £18 a month seems an odd way to conduct business. Does anybody agree, and who other than plusnet should I complain to?

  BT 08:56 18 Jul 2017

You may not be using the phone but you are still using the line for your broadband so the £2.50 is a charge for this presumably. The infrastructure still has to be paid for.

  Old Deuteronomy 09:10 18 Jul 2017

As BT says above, you are still using the phone line, you must still pay for it.

  Govan1x 11:27 18 Jul 2017

I use Virginmedia and you can get broadband only with them but you are just as cheap getting Broadband. Phone. and Freeview with them as it just about the same price as broadband only.

  Forum Editor 14:50 19 Jul 2017

"Penalised for not using a land line"

You are using a landline, as others have pointed out.

  Menzie 16:57 20 Jul 2017

If it is a DSL connection then a phone line will be necessary to bring it inside. I had DSL without getting a phone line subscription but they still had to use a dedicated line to connect me.

Some charge it as an extra (as discovered) others include it in the overall cost.

The only way you can get internet without a phone line would be via a cable, mobile 3/4G, or satellite connection.

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