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  csqwared 13:25 20 Dec 2003

Hi folks

In these days of gripes about bad service I thought I must give DABS a huge pat on the back. I requested a Canon i865 via the web site at 21.17hrs Thursday, notice of despatch received 00.42 hrs Friday, parcel received 10:55 hrs Friday and all in good working order. I consider that SERVICE!! Well Done


  Stuartli 14:32 20 Dec 2003

I've dealt with dabs for many years since, in fact, it was based in Leyland before moving to Westhoughton.

The company generally is highly efficient with orders and their rapid despatchment; the problems arise when or if you have faulty goods and need to return them.....

  Forum Editor 15:05 20 Dec 2003

to an order I placed last Friday - it was despatched on Monday.

Unfortunately over a week has gone by, and the order hasn't arrived. That's nothing to do with Dabs, but everything to do with ParcelForce, who are currently running a week behind with deliveries from their Coventry hub. My package entered the hub on 15th December for 'next working day' delivery, but five days later it's still in Coventry. ParcelForce (who took over an hour to answer the phone today) tell me that I "might" get a delivery next Monday, or I might not.

I know it's Christmas, and I know that ParcelForce are inundated with parcels, but that's their speciality - delivering parcels - and it's not as if Christmas has crept up on them without warning. When I suggested that there had been a little lacking in the organisation department the ParcelForce customer service adviser said "Well it's Christmas".

That's alright then. Silly of me to expect a National parcel carrier to be capable of getting a little package from Coventry to London in less than a week, it is only the 21st century after all.

  csqwared 15:22 20 Dec 2003


I take it the problem aspect of DABS service hasn't put you off from using them since you've dealt with them for many years. Hopefully i won't see that side of their service.


C'mon, how silly can you be. Theres a rather rotund, cheery chap in a red and white suit that's about at this time of year. HE gets to EVERYBODY in ONE NIGHT. You should've waited.

Thanks for the greetings posted earlier from PCA. Hope everyone has a good one.



  Spark6 16:08 20 Dec 2003

Top marks to Dabs for speedy response and to Parcel Force for next day delivery, ordered Thursday delivered yesterday Friday. No Xmas logjam, as yet, in the Bristol area FE!

I am beginning to agree with Stuartli however regarding their aftersales service. The external HDD case was supplied without the necessary USB2.0 cable and it doesn't appear on the Dabs website, the cable that is.

Despite 2 e-mails to them I am no further forward.
Unfortunately, PCW do not stock them and have referred me back to Dabs.

If there is anyone out there who is able to point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

The cable I require is USB2.0 to 36 pin Smart cable.

  Stuartli 17:37 20 Dec 2003

Just key Dabs and/or into the Search engine and you'll get a taste of dabs and its aftersales service (as well as moans about ParcelForce)...

Ironically only had one or two occasions when there have been problems with dabs - I just go straight to the manufacturer of the product involved - but ParcelForce has always provided a first class service.

Could be something to do with the fact I only live about 15 miles from dabs' HQ - the same applies to equally efficient Scan (click here) but whose after sales service can be equally frustrating.

  Stuartli 17:42 20 Dec 2003

Try click here for your lead; it's a firm based in Preston who I have dealt with since the mid-1970s.

Now part of the Farnell Group, it carries massive stocks of all types of computer systems, components, hardware, software etc.

The firm, which deals both with the trade and general public also carries equally vast stocks of spare parts for leading visual equipment such as TVs, audio leads and cables etc and even car parts...

The catalogue is massive and if you want one it was last priced at £25 if you are not a regular customer.

  Spark6 19:14 20 Dec 2003


Apologies for the delay, this Taff had to watch the game at 'Headquarters' to finish the year off.

I'll post, if and when I get a result, with the cable.

I have already posted about Dabs being (in their own words) "an excellent box shifter" and they are - they have the order fulfillment side of the business down to a fine art, unfortunately, the after sales service is simply non-existent and anyone (and as spark6 is finding) their "we only deal with emails" simply does not happen. When i had a major problem and emailed them after three weeks I was told my emails were going into their "spam folder" - I have my own domain and standard email address, if this was flagged as spam I dread to think what would happen to thousands of emails from the likes of freeserve addresses!!

Parcelforce? Forget it. I had a lovely situation when I was expecting two parcels from 2 supplies. One was already a day late. Driver delivers one parcel but the other is still back at the hub (bow 48 hours late on a 24 hour shipment). Driver said that he will pick it up on his return and as he lives in the same town deliver it on his way home - If i phoned to arrange this with the depot.

Could not get through to the depot and so phoned HO. Told that (exact words)- "Our drivers are not allowed to deliver parcels" Whilst I know what this woman actually meant, the word used summed it all up perfectly!

Eventually got to the depot and someone put on a sensible hat and got the driver to deliver it on his way home. Me happy, driver tipped accordingly and parcelforce extracted from the brown stuff for their total failue to deliver!

  Spark6 10:17 21 Dec 2003

Eventually found the necessary cable on the Dabs site, thanks to Taran's assistance, and ordered it last night. Strange that searches using a description, and also the manufacturer's part number, led me nowhere.

I shall be more careful if I use Dabs again.

  csqwared 13:59 21 Dec 2003

Interesting comments from you all - I shall bear all that in mind should I think about ordering from them in the future. Thanks for the input and hope everyone has a good crimble.


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