Too expensive! - internet in the rip-off UK

  ali1ear 16:32 16 Oct 2007

Hi y'all .. I can't help but feel really frustrated at the strangle hold the UK's telephony networks have on the internet. They're kinda ruining the whole thing. I know its supposed to be getting better (the fortunate on free WiFi circuits .. ) grumble> but for what a service it could be with just a mobile phone and a laptop. Is there anything us little people could do? Ali

  jimmybond 16:48 20 Oct 2007

ok so the link didn't work - but if you go to dictionary. com and look up "aren't"
Thanks for attempting to correct me though, better luck next time ;-)

  Arnie 19:34 20 Oct 2007

or a house of correction!!

  jimmybond 19:45 20 Oct 2007

...hear what you're saying there, it does get a bit childish!
However, if somebody 'corrects' you in a smartarse manner, when there's nothing to correct - the comeback is hard to resist ;-)
Mr Grouse - you are = you're when shortened.
they are = they're
are not = aren't
thought I should explain/clarify :-)

  Arnie 09:55 21 Oct 2007

You're quite right of course.

Maybe you are as I, one of the old school, where I remember having my knuckles rapped a few times for not getting these things right.

The boy's cap. Singular possessive
The boys' caps. Plural possessive.
Are examples drummed into me. Oh, those poor knuckles!

  ali1ear 20:09 21 Oct 2007

Hi'ya it's me again Grumpy Old Man Al.

Didn't Data(Next Generation) have problems with 'Derivations' or contractions of two or more words? innit...

Yea 8MB loads of data, might watch a (short)
video trailer of a movie....

Tight? Me? nah (like Robin da Hood)

and Pamy I'm from Mull of Kintyre but don't tell

  GaT7 20:16 23 Oct 2007

Pamy, if you were wondering where that was: "The Mull of Kintyre is the most southwesterly section of the long Kintyre Peninsula in southwestern Scotland...." - from click here. G

  Pamy 11:19 24 Oct 2007

Bet he knows Paul McCartney then

  ali1ear 14:23 24 Oct 2007

Paul's got at least 1 farm. Some say 3.

That's why I dont tell anyone -
'cause they start singin'

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