tomtom what does free lifetime maps mean?

  tristar16 14:10 18 Jul 2014

I recently bought a tomtom start25 gps, with a 'free lifetime maps' option. After three months I got a warning notice telling me my maps expired in 30 days! Obviously tomtom's idea of free lifetime maps isn't the same as mine! Have I been conned, or just misunderstood the meaning of free lifetime maps?

Has anyone else been taken in by this sales pitch?



  wee eddie 16:24 18 Jul 2014

Did you take up the Free Maps Option?

The Maps need upgrading, regularly, by connecting the SatNav, to the Internet, via your PC and there will be updates frequently, possibly every 30 days.

  spuds 16:59 18 Jul 2014

With these 'lifetime map update' options, there is usually certain terms and conditions attached, like registering the device within a timed period. Always best to read the user manual on receipt of the device!.

I have an old Navman F20 and a more recent Garmin. The Garmin came with 'free' updates for a very limited time. Never took the option, and now the offer as ceased. But if you look around the internet, there are ways of getting updates, providing you have the internet and sat-nav cable and connections to receive the downloads.

  iscanut 17:16 18 Jul 2014

Have you registered the device with Tom Tom? Having done that all you need to do when an update is available is to connect the device to your pc and follow instructions. You will need to download a small program called tom tom home to enable the downloads to work and then install to your device.

  sunnystaines 08:21 19 Jul 2014

i would say the lifetime of the machine meaning till it breaksdown and no longer repairable or usable.

  sunnystaines 08:23 19 Jul 2014

i would say the lifetime of the machine meaning till it breaksdown and no longer repairable or usable.

  tristar16 08:37 19 Jul 2014

My thanks to all who responded. I had registered the device with tomtom immediately I got it, and had downloaded 'my drive connect' to help with the updates. Somehow I had missed the activation code, if I was given it, but I contacted CS again and after some discussion the lady at CS said she would activate the map offer for me. (Maybe mentioning that I had contacted PC Advisor consumer forum helped as well!)

I thought the wording of the offer was ambiguous, even the Tesco salesman had a job explaining it. Anyway, all resolved now, and again my thanks to you all. Regards, tristar16

  spuds 10:42 19 Jul 2014

The problem with buying from places like Tesco, is that the staff are not fully trained or even trained and supported on such items mentioned, especially anything to do with electronics. I tend to find when asking questions the usual let-out is to contact the manufacturer!.

  alanrwood 14:35 19 Jul 2014

Lifetime in this case means the lifetime that Tomtom agree to support the device, usually around 3-4 years. The wording "Lifetime" is very misleading in my opinion. Looked into this a few weeks ago when I bought a new Go 6000.

  sunnystaines 09:46 20 Jul 2014

alan that sounds a con if you are correct, they should say 4 year map update instead. wonder what trading stardards would say.

  sunnystaines 09:49 20 Jul 2014

with google navigator on most phones would people still need a tomtom only advantage i see is tomtoms have speed camera warnings.

never use my TT now. navigator is so much better and always upto date.

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