tomtom go700

  sunny staines 18:14 09 Sep 2005

has anyone got one of these can give an opinion.

also will a usb2 device work on a usb1 device as the usb2 is on the tomtom and my pc only has basic usb

  patsyanne 20:27 09 Sep 2005

I havnt but i wouldnt mind one .

  sunny staines 21:02 09 Sep 2005

met someone who had one, an amazing gadget

  ton 21:13 09 Sep 2005

I've got Tomtom on an Ipaq. Tomtom is very good, although not always perfect.

As for USB1 & 2, no problem there as either will work on 1 or 2, might be a speed difference but nothing to worry about.

  ayrmail 21:59 09 Sep 2005
  Way1 23:21 09 Sep 2005

I have the Garmin StreetPilot - brilliant piece of kit, no experience of the tomtom.
For those who reside in N.Ireland, as I do, the tomtom is useless, as it uses TeleAtlas mapping software, whereas the Garmin uses Navteq and their maps are more advanced and have better coverage here.

  bluenote 00:21 10 Sep 2005

Do yourself a favour and have a look at the mitac mio 269.It has almost the same specifications as the tom tom 700 but is much cheaper.I can heartily recomend this as i recently drove to southern spain using the mio269 to guide me on non toll roads all the way.ALL roads for GB and Europe are built in on the hard drive. Major and Minor.

  sunny staines 09:19 10 Sep 2005

Thank you for the replies, the cheapest I have seen the g0 700 is £498 using the dixons "discout25" offer with free pp.

still looking at other makes but only seen a make called navman which did notseem as good as the tomtom will klook at the ones mentioned above.

  anchor 09:26 10 Sep 2005

In June, I got one of the first TomTom 700`s available in the UK, just in time for my holiday in France.

I travelled about 2300 miles, and found it invaluable. Yes, I did find a couple of mapping errors, but nothing is perfect. It is easy to set up, plan a route, and gets a satellite fix very fast. The speed of route recalculation is remarkable, when you deviate from the original route.

The bad point is that the screen can be difficult to see in bright sunshine. Previously, I used an Ipaq with TomTom Navigator 3, which was very bright and clear. Unfortunately, this version did not allow the option to avoid toll roads.

Obviously, you already know that you would only need the 700 if you want full European mapping.

Post again if you wish any more information.

  sunny staines 10:45 10 Sep 2005

thank you for the reply, still recovoring from the cost of these things.

When the tomtom plus connects to blue tooth mobile
phone is this free or are you building up a large mobile phone bill?

  anchor 11:54 10 Sep 2005

I don`t use the bluetooth phone connection, but I would guess that you will pay for any time you are connected. Could possibly prove expensive, but it depends on the connection time length, and your tariff.

The price of £499.89 is expensive, but its about £49 less than I paid at a retail outlet in June.

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