TomTom 700 - Ebay

  [DELETED] 16:51 08 Mar 2006

Had a look on Ebay and these seem to be going quite cheap. To good to be true?
Wondering if anyone has bidded for one.

  mole44 17:06 08 Mar 2006

same old story "if it looks to good to be true,probably is"

  [DELETED] 17:39 08 Mar 2006

If the sellers address is from China, give it a very wide birth indeed!

A colleague of mine recently got caught out by this scam and lost over £250, trying to buy a TomTom.

  spuds 18:27 08 Mar 2006

A word of caution regarding TomTom products and the like, advertised on ebay. Make sure that you ask the seller plenty of question via the eBay contact seller link. Make sure that all payments go through PayPal or credit card payment.Watch for excessive postal charges and additional non-optional insurances.

I believe one of the forum members got stung recently with one of these eBay offers.My own experience, which rang alarm bells at the time, was the fact that the seller was registered in 2002 with the location as Germany, and the item was being dispatched from China.I sent the seller an email requesting further clarifications, and eBay intercepted the email, and 'advised' me to perhaps consider not going ahead with the sale. Note I said 'advised', eBay did not prevent the sale going ahead (at that point!). Apparently, there appears to be some type of possible scam, which can use redundant accounts. Don't ask me how it works, but it can be done. And certain people in China?, know how to work the scam.

I would mention that I have purchased a number of items from Hong Kong, Germany and the USA via eBay (after doing certain checks), and everyone of deals have been fairly favourable to me.So use extreme wisdom, and all should be well. If the bargain looks too true to be good and you have any doubts, then leave well alone.

  alB 18:50 08 Mar 2006

Check out the feedback for some of the sellers from China, looks dodgy to me, some are no longer registered members and others just look like fictitious names/accounts set up to lure people into parting with their hard earned, be wary ...alB

click here

  spuds 18:57 08 Mar 2006

On alB's link, notice the EUR €45.00 postal rate and non-optional EUR €5.00 postal insurance.:o(

  [DELETED] 22:20 08 Mar 2006

Gents, thanks for your thoughts.

  sunny staines 07:33 09 Mar 2006

tottoms are down in price models due out in april...hence many stores having a clearout

  spuds 09:40 09 Mar 2006

Navicom's seem to be on a yo-yo string price-wise.All the main stores seem to be selling the lower range product a few months ago at well over the £200 mark.Then they came down to about the £169.99 mark, with Tesco's selling them about three weeks ago at £125.99. See that they are back up at the £159.99 with Tesco's new stock, after a clear-out at the £125.55 price.

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