Tom Tom Sat Nav

  Monoux 15:08 28 Nov 2008

I am thinkng of getting a TomTom Sat Nav

Some of their models have a pedestrian mode. Does anyone know if this actually makes any difference to the route it sends you on i.e. does it use alleyways and cut throughs and the wrong way up one way streets when it that mode ?

  Woolwell 19:10 28 Nov 2008

I've never used it for real in that mode but I have just planned a route using pedestrian mode and it would have taken me up a road that is closed to vehicles but is open to bikes and walkers only. My normal mode takes me on a different route.

Be interested to know how quickly it updates.

Battery life could be a problem.

  Monoux 08:48 29 Nov 2008

Woolwell-- thanks just what I needed to know

  anchor 13:51 30 Nov 2008

There is dedicated Satnav forum dealing mainly with TomTom models:

click here

If you register, you can post questions.

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