Tom Tom One

  Bingalau 17:27 17 Jan 2006

I'm considering buying one of these gadgets for my birthday in the near future... Can anyone tell me if it is feasible to copy S.D. Cards that are used in them? I have relatives in Germany who have access to German maps only. It seems as if I will have access to U.K. maps only. Unless of course we purchase additional S.D. Cards. Is it possible to copy to a blank S.D. Card if there is such a thing? Additional maps of other countries look to be just as expensive as the "Tom Tom One" itself!! ..Bingalau..

  PaulB2005 17:32 17 Jan 2006

Usually copied cards fail to work to stop them being sold on eBay etc.

Better place to ask is click here in the Forum.

  Ikelos 18:16 17 Jan 2006

yes, you can copy them, I just got a bigger card for mine and just dragged all the contents onto it.

  961 18:41 17 Jan 2006

I think you will find that the cards have to be activated and are locked to the unit at that point for the very reason that you describe. A larger card will work on the same unit but not on another

  Bingalau 19:38 17 Jan 2006

Does that mean there is no way of swapping maps from one "Tom Tom" to another then? Many thanks for replies everyone ..Bingalau..

  g0nvs 21:32 17 Jan 2006

Backed up mine, no problems at all, works fine. Make sure you use a decent memory card.

  961 09:17 18 Jan 2006

A review of GPS devices in Computer Shopper this month indicates that most of these devices lock the software to the device so that you can't install on several devices

I suppose this may vary between makes but you can well see that manufacturers of the software would lose much revenue if the maps could be copied

  PaulB2005 09:45 18 Jan 2006

"Backed up mine, no problems at all, works fine."

"yes, you can copy them, I just got a bigger card for mine and just dragged all the contents onto it."

It might be true you can backup or copy your maps to a bigger card and then use them in the TomTomOne they came from but can you then swap the card into another TomTomOne? This is what Bingalau wants to do and what i believe you can't do. As 961 says the card will be locked to your unit. Copying the card to a bigger card or for a backup will work because you use the "copied" card in the same unit. It might not work in a different unit. Otherwise you could copy the cards amd sell on e-Bay.

Bingalau I'm afraid you have to realise the reason they cost so much to buy is because they cost so much to make.

Incidentally i have seen a few threads in other forums where people have bought SatNav on eBay only to find a copied card inside which wouldn't work.

  PaulB2005 11:18 18 Jan 2006

Just found this info for the Garmin i3 - not strictly relevant for the TTO but it demonstrates what i mean.

The data on the Gi3 TransFlash card can be copied to another card for backup, but the new card can't be used. You can just copy the contents for backup purposes.

  PaulB2005 11:23 18 Jan 2006

Or you can buy small maps from click here for a few pounds....

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