toilet seats

  sunnystaines 14:13 24 Mar 2014

one of the screws holding the toilet seat on sheared. But fixing is a nightmare. Its the type of toilet where you cannot access below the fittings with the screws have to drop into the toilet with an expanding rawplug/bung as no access underneath.

First problem the present bungs [rubber with a built in metalic thread for the screws have both perised. Can only get these fittings if i buy a new seat, so thats £65 as it its slightly oval and not a standard round shape.

the new seat arrives exact shape and ident fittings except for the black rubber bungs which have been replaced with a white rawplug these are just a fraction two big to fit in the holes in the toilet pan. The toilet make is a "maestro soft close" anyone advise on anything other than a complete new toilet.

  wiz-king 15:18 24 Mar 2014

Place new seat on bucket, use, tip contents down toilet.

Sorry haven't seen one of those newfangled fittings but I would suggent fileing/grinding the new plastic bungs to fit.

  spuds 15:19 24 Mar 2014

Have you thought about looking in the Toolstation, Screwfix or Plumb Centre catalogues or websites for a possible solution?.

For the 'oddities' I have found that the old established plumber's merchant's can be most helpful.

  sunnystaines 15:23 24 Mar 2014

spuds thats where i started visiting the plumbers merchants. Thats how i got the new seat but the bungs have been replaced by rawplugs which are just that fraction too big for the holes, not keen to hammer them in in case the pan splits.

  wiz-king 15:46 24 Mar 2014

At that price I would make them fit!

  bumpkin 15:46 24 Mar 2014

Too big by how much? can they be filed or sandpapered to fit or maybe a bit of lubricant and a firm push. Hammering is a no no.

  bumpkin 16:19 24 Mar 2014

Another thought, place them in some boiling water and see if that softens them enough to be pushed in.

  john bunyan 16:21 24 Mar 2014

Worth a look at B&Q


  spuds 16:40 24 Mar 2014

Had a quick browse on the internet, and here's a company with many parts including a on-line chatline for advice click here here's another one click here

  hssutton 08:17 25 Mar 2014

My son has just had a Maestro seat replaced it cost him £29.46 from the Plumb Center. Not sure about the fittings though, as a friend fitted it for him

  sunnystaines 09:13 25 Mar 2014

thanks for replies, i think i have the bits on order, got to wait till they arrive to see what they look like.

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