lignum vitae 19:00 24 Jun 2005

I am thinking of buying a tivo on ebay and I was wondering if anyone one has any experience,and how does it compare to sky+

  SEASHANTY 10:24 25 Jun 2005

No reply yet so it doesn't appear that anyone here has one of these. I thought that TIVO was now outdated - and wasn't it a monthly pay subscriber service. I use the Digifusion Freeview box with 80GB Hard drive which allows me to record two programmes at the same time whilst watching another if necesssary. This is the FVRT 150 which is £180 at Argos. Some others
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  jack 14:41 25 Jun 2005

TIVO is now dead I believe, just like ON digital
I dont know if the hardware is useable in some other way though.
My On digital box[given me when ON died]works fine and I understand is is still ahead of the current Freeview boxes insofar the card slot makes it TopUp
viable - where as current boxes are not, or so I am led to believe.

  SEASHANTY 16:04 25 Jun 2005

One of the first Freeview boxes I purchased was the omelette shaped Pace box. The main fault of this is that it has a scart connected lead and not twin scart sockets. It does, however, have a card slot which will take the current "Top Up TV" card. I have three of these boxes. First was originally purchased when Freeview first started.

The trend now is to use Freeview boxes with twin tuners and a hard drive (80GB seems to be the main one used currently) such as the Digifusion FVRT 150.
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I have had this FVRT 150 for around 8 months now - purchased from Argos for £180. Being able to record
two different Freeview channels at the same time whilst watching a previously recorded programme - or watching another channel on analogue TV has great benefits. This PVR box is nothing like the ONDigital box. There is no comparison. It has enabled me to make my VCR's obsolete. Panasonic have now released a similar box - the TUCTH100 but its more expensive than the Digifusion. Certainly one of the best purchases I ever made.

  Stuartli 22:58 25 Jun 2005

You can buy Freeview set top boxes with the TopUpTV slots - they've been on the market for several months.

You can also buy Freeview PCI TV cards such as the TwinHan VisionPlus DTV-t from click here for under £50 that has EPG, PVR, remote control etc and, providing they are on the same MUX, record one channel whilst watching another:

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I've had three different ONDigital/ITVDigital set top boxes (Philips, Nokia and Pioneer); the Philips (its original box of this type) was superb, the Nokia a triumph of style over substance and the Pioneer (an ITVDigital version, DTR210) just oozes class and quality.

The old ONDigital style interface might not be as attractive as the new Freeview style, nor quite as versatile, but the Pioneer (styled to blend into a hi-fi type environment) delivers outstanding sound and pictures from all 80 TV and radio channels from Winter Hill.

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